A Ticking Time-Bomb

Are you Weak AND tight Sound weird? In my experience, this is the single most prolific and dangerous set of symptoms. Most men and women I meet don’t even realize they’re a ticking time-bomb for injury and poor aging because of those two words. Years of not working... read more

Stop Navel Gazing

Some of the best advice in life is the most painful. Mine came from a mentor, Dianne Connely. She is the co-founder of the acupuncture school I went to. And the title of this blog is the advice she gave to me; “Stop Navel Gazing”…at a time when I was the most raw and... read more

Holiday Survival Guide

This is not the time of year to think about losing weight. More like the time to fight temptation around every corner, not kill a family member, survive the gauntlet of holiday parties, and double your stress over the next five weeks. But that doesn’t mean you want to... read more

Kettlebell Swing-a-thon 2015

In the first year of our kettlebell swing-a-thon we raised $15,499!!! Thanks to everyone who took part in this three hour event to benefit Casey Cares and the critically ill children they... read more