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acupuncture treatments in ellicott city, mD

A Proven Way to Improve Your Energy, Heal Pain, and Reduce Stress

You don’t exactly feel your best these days, but you’re not the type who wants a medication for everything that ails you.

Wouldn’t it feel great to actually do something proactive about this? Something that didn’t just cover up your symptoms…but made you feel more healthy and confident?

That’s exactly what acupuncture does for our clients. It can help you too!

serving clients like you since 2004

We have been offering acupuncture in Ellicott City for over 20 years and the people we love to work with have the same complaints that you do. Low energy, sleep problems, extra weight from indulging cravings, a lifestyle filled with high stress, and chronic pain. Sadly, most of the “solutions” can make you feel worse or they’re just flat-out bad for you.

With our proven system at 39 Minute Workout & Wellness, we put your health first and offer a solution that boosts your energy with no cost to your overall health.

Providing Relief for:

Pain & Injury
High Stress
Poor Sleep & Low Energy
Menstrual & Hormonal Issues
Troubled Weight Gain
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