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Cryoskin treatments in ellicott city, mD

Your Workout Routine’s Secret Weapon: Get Enhanced Results With Cryoskin


You work out hard – you should see your results clearly. At 39 Minute Workout in Ellicott City, we’re helping you get rid of unwanted fat, cellulite, loose skin and wrinkles with a safe, non-invasive treatment method.

Our revolutionary Cryoskin slimming & toning utilizes cutting technology to apply apoptosis, “programmed cell death” or simply concentrated application of cold and heat, to get rid of fat cells. This system has been proven to help tone and remove stubborn fat without any invasive surgery option. 

Learn more about the power of cryoskin

  • Cryoskin works by using very cold temperatures with 2 different techniques: slimming and toning. Both use a wand (that looks like a sonogram machine) and cold temperatures to either freeze away fat (slimming) or the toning technique which increases collagen, tightens skin, and reduces cellulite. 

Benefits of Cryoskin treatment:

Fast, Often Immediate Results
Increases Collagen
Tightens Skin
Reduces Cellulite
Aids in Recovery
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