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endospheres therapy in ellicott city, mD

Lymphatic drainage and improved overall skin tone thanks to Endospheres.


Endosphères Therapy is a globally recognized treatment that is new to the US market. A roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres makes up the Compressive Microvibration System which produces a vibration and pressure combination that we describe as ‘vascular gymnastics’ on the body. This workout’ generates the drainage of fluids, improves local blood circulation, reduces pain, improves muscle tone, and reduces cellulite.

The treatment is enriched with a sensor system, which is a pressure-controlled mechanism that allows it to accurately assess the amount of pressure applied in relation to the type of tissue and the number of sessions already completed.

This method delivers results in as little as one session and is a non-invasive treatment with zero side effects.

endosopheres therapy: non-invasive & safe

Additionally, the patented technology is backed by seven years of clinical research experience and has been proven effective in physical therapy, injury rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Endosphères Therapy can help increase flexibility, relieve minor aches and pains, increase muscle tone, and promote faster recovery. A single session harnesses the mechanical boost that your body needs to restore homeostasis and aid in injury prevention.

Benefits of endospheres Therapy:

Reduced Pain & Inflammation
Improved Circulation
Lymphatic Massage & Drainage
Improved Muscle Tone
Cellulite Reduction
Enhanced Immunity
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