8 kettlebell classes for $29!

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Let’s make 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.
The year you finally burn off all the unwanted fat.  Rebuild and reshape that youthful body you deserve.
Are you ready to get serious…

We’re looking for women who are serious about losing fat, feeling stronger, and truly making 2016 your best year ever!

…You’ll see why kettlebells are the most effective way to get stronger and leaner in the least amount of time.

During these 8 sessions, you’ll:


  • Build a more athletic body
  • Use full-body exercises that slash workout time
  • Workout in a safe, supportive community
  • Become more empowered & make better decisions around your health
  • Learn how to correctly use kettlebells

We are only looking for women and men who are done with waiting.  Ready to be fully committed to making this your best year ever.  And ready to truly experience the health and confidence you deserve.

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My Mission and YOU

I don’t hide the fact that I believe the weight loss industry is doing you a disservice.  You’re either being offered workouts geared to 23 year old athletes that are frankly unsafe and unrealistic.  Or you’re being insulted with flash-in-the-pan diets that were never meant to produce lasting results.

My mission is to provide you a complete system (not just 1 trick diet or workout) that can give you BOTH short-term successes on the scale, and SERIOUS long-term changes that dramatically improve your quality of life.

My mission is to empower you, to help you heal from the inside out so that you not only look better in the mirror, but you also create changes that impact your life deeply and in lasting ways.  That can never be gained by diets and patch-work solutions.

8 kettlebell classes for $29!

Join 39 Minute Workout Today

Thank you David.  I could not have done it without your help.  My girls are amazed at my pictures! Persistence, Patience and Consistency equals my success.

Sandy Battle

39 Minute Workout Client

After spending an hour and a half in the gym 5 times a week with minimal results, I spent under an hour and a half total in David’s classes and I lost 29 pounds and 3 dress sizes!!

Alyson Ciotola

39 Minute Workout Client

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