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  • A Shell Of Your Self

    A Shell Of Your Self

    Let’s do a little thought project. First, let’s think about your current lifestyle- particularly as it pertains to movement. Do you exercise with any consistency? How many years has it been since you did? If you do, are weights part of your routine? Is your job sedentary? How many steps do you get per day? Most Americans basically live a sedentary existence, walk only to the car and the desk. Most never pick up a weight. Most don’t do manual labor. Most follow no structure around their eating. Can we imagine a scenario where our primitive selves ever moved this little, used their muscles and got time outside on a daily basis anywhere near as low ....

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  • Most Of Us Hide From Discomfort

    Most Of Us Hide From Discomfort

    This weekend I’m taking my son on our annual ice fishing trip to Vermont. We’ve been going since he was 4, and it’s one of my favorite trips of the year. Are we cold? Heck yes. Today we took a walk out on the ice. Then headed to Jay Peak and hiked in deep snow. There’s something absolutely spiritual about the isolation of deep winter. Most people shy away from it. I crave it. It’s not that I don’t get cold or that it’s never uncomfortable. It’s that the most amazing things I’ve ever been part of in life- hiking the entire Appalachian trial, watching my kids being born, ice fishing, doing my masters in ....

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  • No, It's Not As Good

    No, It's Not As Good

    I keep seeing all these trends in fitness and nutrition that are well meaning…and totally counter-productive! My concern is that it cheapens the process of what it takes to actually create success. Today, Abby and I both saw a post from a trainer saying that you could just take a really small action today. You can do one minute of abs or one minute of push-ups. By the way, most of my clients can’t do a single push-up, let alone a minute of them. That’s good enough, they said! It’s movement, and movement is good. They went on to say even simple things like standing at your desk, taking the steps or taking out the trash counts! No. ....

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  • Just Finish The Job

    Just Finish The Job

    The other day I was pumping gas and it was about 17 degrees. Man, how badly I wanted to just cap it off at a few gallons and drive off in my warm car. I’d just dropped my youngest off at school. As a side-bar, hats off to the teachers who had to stand out in that for 30+ minutes đŸ¥¶ Today, I really had to get gas on the way to work. How easy would it have been to just squeeze a few gallons in and put it off for another day. Bump the problem down the road. Never really address the issue (my almost empty tank) but cover it up with a half attempt. I can tell you, that warm car was tempting. I remember looking and thinking ....

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  • The Truth About Fitness

    The Truth About Fitness

    Most people struggle with nutrition because they think it’s about going hungry. Most people struggle with fitness because they think it’s about boring, endless hours on a hampster wheel. Most people struggle to produce any real strength because they FAR underestimate how strong they are. Most people struggle to transform their health because of the above. …and because they have never put the habits in place to do the right things consistently enough to see change. THE TRUTH All of the above is simple to fix under the right guidance. That’s the guidance I’ve been giving people for 12 years now. Good diet is about getting rid of ....

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  • Kettlebell Queen: Meet Cindy

    Kettlebell Queen: Meet Cindy

    Here’s Cindy doing one of our most complicated moves in kettlebells- a double swing, high pull, snatch combo! Her commitment to strength, consistency and our community has shown through for four years now! When she joined, she had been doing the same strength and cardio based workouts for over a decade. While she loved that program, she knew her body wasn’t reacting the same way as it did in her 30’s. I still remember our first phone conversation years back. She was entering her late 40’s and was looking to get her muscle tone back. When she joined, it was like she’d been a member for years. She fit right in and ran with the program ....

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  • That’s Not Self-Care

    That’s Not Self-Care

    Have you ever listened to your inner voice? The words you say to yourself in your thoughts? They aren’t usually very positive. Or nice for that matter. The problem is that when it comes to self-care, so much of what we say about it is just as negative. Just as critical. Think about your motivations. I’ll bet that most of your life, your motivation to improve your health has had to do with feeling bad about your body. I’ll also bet a lot of what you’ve done to “improve” your health has been harmful. Starving yourself Doing endless hours of cardio to try and force your body to shrink Even heading to a gym you’re ....

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  • I Wonder How Strong She Is

    I Wonder How Strong She Is

    How many decades have women been conditioned to think that a toned woman must have gotten that body by starving and doing cardio? It’s so deeply ingrained in our culture. Toned woman = Hours of cardio and low calorie dieting What we know now, after a few decades of much better data, is that it’s the opposite. Women who look really toned and fit usually got there by focusing on strength and eating good amounts of healthy food . Deprivation. Starvation. Hours of agonizing workouts. None of that is what gets women over 40 the results she wants. Sadly, this mentality was sold as gospel to millions of women and girls. The stain of that mentality has led to ....

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  • A Smart(er) Strategy Between The Holidays

    A smart(er) strategy between the holidays! Reject the push from society to constantly focus on fat loss. There’s a time and a place for everything. Entering winter may NOT be the right time. Here’s a better way to approach the holidays… ....

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  • In Defense Of Looking Good

    In Defense Of Looking Good

    There seems to be a lot of anti-vanity sentiment. Especially against social norms of what we’re “supposed to look like”. To a large extent, that’s a great change. Women are sick of hearing what others think of their body. They don’t want their girls to grow up hearing the same judgmental BS that they did. We know the pressure to look a certain way creates problems. That pressure has led young women (and grown women) to hurt their health in the quest for looking a certain way. Vanity can definitely be a bad motivator that drives to you do really unhealthy things on the quest to look better. But I’d like to fight for something else. ....

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