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You Can't See It

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You Can't See It

Yesterday, Abby and I were taping a podcast (you should check it out!) and we were talking about how to spark your enthusiasm for fitness.

This took us to a discussion about how we are very good at missing our body’s warning signs.

How often do we wait to take action UNTIL thing get so bad that we can no longer ignore them???

Here’s the dirty little secret. Once you show up with high blood pressure, a jacked up back and 30 lbs of bodyfat…things have been going wrong for many years!

We often can’t see the subtle signs. The little keys that something is awry.

Do you think you’d even know when your bones are losing density at 40? Or is it silent until you get a bone scan decades later?

What about your chronic back or shoulder?

As you’re losing muscle (like core strength) your body is going into positions that are causing damage for many years before you’re truly injured.

Again, the body has subtle signs, but you have to know how to observe them.

Here are a few signs you’re building future problems:

• sudden unexplained weight gain, or slow gradual weight gain over many years

• difficulty in doing basic things like climbing steps and picking heavy things up

• lack of energy and quality sleep

• inability to lose weight even when you do the things that worked before

• being out of breath doing the most basic things

Again, they’re all warning signs.

They are subtle today! At some point, they won’t be so subtle.

This all sounds so ominous. I promise that my goal isn’t to scare you. It’s to create a little wake up call.

If you aren’t getting some form of exercise and you aren’t consciously choosing a healthy nutrition plan, it’s time!

I don’t care how far you feel things have gotten. It’s is NEVER too late.

Sure it would be great if we do it from the start. Or get rolling our 30’s.

But even in your 70’s, it’s never too late.

So take a moment and do an inventory. What signs has your body given you that it needs help? If you’re feeling bold, post it below 👇

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