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In Defense Of Looking Good

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In Defense Of Looking Good

There seems to be a lot of anti-vanity sentiment. Especially against social norms of what we’re “supposed to look like”.
To a large extent, that’s a great change.
Women are sick of hearing what others think of their body. They don’t want their girls to grow up hearing the same judgmental BS that they did.
We know the pressure to look a certain way creates problems.
That pressure has led young women (and grown women) to hurt their health in the quest for looking a certain way.
Vanity can definitely be a bad motivator that drives to you do really unhealthy things on the quest to look better.
But I’d like to fight for something else.
I’d like to fight for you to be proud of looking your best, even if it feels like a little vanity.
Not for the same reasons. Not for some external acceptance or so men will stop criticizing you.
For yourself.
Body positive is great…until it excuses us from thinking we should look our best.
Is that really the point of the movement? I hope not.
Is it really more enlightened to be out of shape?
Do you think being less healthy translates to better choices and better care?
Let’s stop blaming vanity! It’s just a motivator among many other motivators, that for some, will push them to try harder when it comes to fitness.
Let me make my point by posing a question.
If you look in the mirror and love what you see- a strong, healthy woman who feels deeply proud of the work you’ve done- do you think it will lead to taking better care of yourself?
Having a little vanity, wanting to look your absolutely best, motivates people to keep showing up even when life gets busy.
Wanting to look your best means that you’ll be emotionally invested in healthy habits.
In my nook, this is a win.
What motives you to show up and take your fitness seriously???

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