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Just Finish The Job

The other day I was pumping gas and it was about 17 degrees. Man, how badly I wanted to just cap it off at a few gallons and drive off in my warm car.

I’d just dropped my youngest off at school. As a side-bar, hats off to the teachers who had to stand out in that for 30+ minutes 🥶

Today, I really had to get gas on the way to work.

How easy would it have been to just squeeze a few gallons in and put it off for another day.

Bump the problem down the road. Never really address the issue (my almost empty tank) but cover it up with a half attempt.

I can tell you, that warm car was tempting. I remember looking and thinking I could just stop and hop in.

Better heads prevailed, and I filled it up. Off I drove with a full tank.

We do this in so many ways, don’t we?

We know our tank is empty- whether it’s our sadly lacking fitness, our total lack of sleep, our increasing bodyfat- and we just put if off.

Or we do JUST ENOUGH to bring our pain down a little so we don’t notice it anymore.

In the back of our head, we know damn well the problem isn’t going away!

Sure, I can do 30 days at the gym, or 30 days of a diet, lose a few pounds, find some muscles I’d forgotten, get just slightly out of pain….then throw it all away.

The lie is that we’ll get back to it. The bigger lie is that it doesn’t really matter.

We have all kinds of ways to slough off our physical and emotional health.

Put it off until the right time.

Validate that we don’t actually need to do anything big to fix it.

And then the next time we can’t stand the problem, it’s usually that much harder to resolve!

For one, you’re older. So metabolism is fighting against you.

Secondly, you’ve built up a level of self-limiting beliefs. So you’re battling up a hill of your own creation.

I’m going to tell you what you already know.

If you’re in any kind of pain or upset over your health…it’s time to stand out in the cold, suck it up and fill the damn gas tank already.

The problem isn’t going away.

By the way. When my clients get well, get strong, improved energy and confidence, they feel pretty awesome about it.

So what’s stopping you? A little temporary pain….

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