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No, It's Not As Good

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No, It's Not As Good

I keep seeing all these trends in fitness and nutrition that are well meaning…and totally counter-productive!
My concern is that it cheapens the process of what it takes to actually create success.
Today, Abby and I both saw a post from a trainer saying that you could just take a really small action today.
You can do one minute of abs or one minute of push-ups.
By the way, most of my clients can’t do a single push-up, let alone a minute of them.
That’s good enough, they said! It’s movement, and movement is good.
They went on to say even simple things like standing at your desk, taking the steps or taking out the trash counts!
No. That’s not as good as an actual workout.
That may be true in one condition- you are already someone doing consistent strength work several times a week.
But if you have no effective strength and cardio routine, taking out the trash is like replacing one beer with water as you drink a full case over the weekend.
I get what she’s trying to say. Start small and keep it simple. The message is fine.
It’s also completely cheap and untrue.
Real change- the kind you can see in the mirror, on the scale, in your bone density, in your clothing size- actually takes work.
That work can be very straight forward. It can be very simple to explain. But it takes actual work.
And no, you won’t get there getting 1 minute of activity.
👉 You’ll get there by doing simple and effective strength training 2-3 times a week.
👉 You’ll get there getting some form or daily movement- like walking or biking for 30 minutes on non-workout days.
👉 You’ll get there when you drop the unnecessary snacking and up your protein.
But no matter how simple experts try to make it sound, because it looks good in an article or post, it still takes actual work.
That work isn’t for everyone.
I totally get that and accept it. I’ll always give it to you straight.
If you aren’t willing to make time for fitness, then by all means.
Park farther away. Take out the trash. Take the steps. No harm no foul. And you’ll be getting a bit of movement.
But if you want badass, see in the mirror results that really change the trajectory of your health, commit to a serious plan that takes care of all 3 aspects of your fitness.
If you need help making a plan…click the offer for a Free Class anywhere on this website!

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