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A Shell Of Your Self

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A Shell Of Your Self

Let’s do a little thought project.
First, let’s think about your current lifestyle- particularly as it pertains to movement.
Do you exercise with any consistency? How many years has it been since you did?
If you do, are weights part of your routine?
Is your job sedentary?
How many steps do you get per day?
Most Americans basically live a sedentary existence, walk only to the car and the desk. Most never pick up a weight. Most don’t do manual labor. Most follow no structure around their eating.
Can we imagine a scenario where our primitive selves ever moved this little, used their muscles and got time outside on a daily basis anywhere near as low as we do now?
Not a chance.
This little blip in time that you and I are living in is probably the worst in human history when it comes to our fitness.
We have this funny fear of weights. Maybe our ancestors didn’t do squats or presses.
I can guarantee they climbed hills, carried heavy items/supplies, built with their hands and invested more calories into acquiring and preparing food on a daily basis.
That’s basically what we’re replicating in the gym if you follow an effective routine.
So we have two choices.
Go back to our primitive roots.
Or manufacture the movement, strain and energy expenditure in the gym.
Sure, nobody comes to my gym and says this.
But really, that’s why you deeply need exercise!
I’m not sure how it became optional to be strong. But if you want the most out of your body and health…I think you need to make it happen.
You are meant to have strength,energy, stamina and confidence.
So if you don’t want to be a shell of yourself…then use your body!

Build some legit strength. Make your body struggle and strain in a safe way on a weekly basis.

If you made this change in your personal life- to take back your fitness- I'd love to hear how you accomplished it and what you love about it!

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