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  • That’s Not Self-Care

    That’s Not Self-Care

    Have you ever listened to your inner voice? The words you say to yourself in your thoughts? They aren’t usually very positive. Or nice for that matter. The problem is that when it comes to self-care, so much of what we say about it is just as negative. Just as critical. Think about your motivations. I’ll bet that most of your life, your motivation to improve your health has had to do with feeling bad about your body. I’ll also bet a lot of what you’ve done to “improve” your health has been harmful. Starving yourself Doing endless hours of cardio to try and force your body to shrink Even heading to a gym you’re ....

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  • I Wonder How Strong She Is

    I Wonder How Strong She Is

    How many decades have women been conditioned to think that a toned woman must have gotten that body by starving and doing cardio? It’s so deeply ingrained in our culture. Toned woman = Hours of cardio and low calorie dieting What we know now, after a few decades of much better data, is that it’s the opposite. Women who look really toned and fit usually got there by focusing on strength and eating good amounts of healthy food . Deprivation. Starvation. Hours of agonizing workouts. None of that is what gets women over 40 the results she wants. Sadly, this mentality was sold as gospel to millions of women and girls. The stain of that mentality has led to ....

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  • A Smart(er) Strategy Between The Holidays

    A smart(er) strategy between the holidays! Reject the push from society to constantly focus on fat loss. There’s a time and a place for everything. Entering winter may NOT be the right time. Here’s a better way to approach the holidays… ....

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  • In Defense Of Looking Good

    In Defense Of Looking Good

    There seems to be a lot of anti-vanity sentiment. Especially against social norms of what we’re “supposed to look like”. To a large extent, that’s a great change. Women are sick of hearing what others think of their body. They don’t want their girls to grow up hearing the same judgmental BS that they did. We know the pressure to look a certain way creates problems. That pressure has led young women (and grown women) to hurt their health in the quest for looking a certain way. Vanity can definitely be a bad motivator that drives to you do really unhealthy things on the quest to look better. But I’d like to fight for something else. ....

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  • It'll Stay Clean Forever

    It'll Stay Clean Forever

    We just had our house cleaned today. I’m not sure how often it happens. But it’s really nice to see what our house can look like…briefly. Then without noticing at first, a few things get left out. Crumbs don’t get wiped off. School papers get left. Shoes don’t get put away. Three backpacks eventually block the walkway to the steps. The dogs shed faster than we can vacuum. Too many cups are left from the day…because nobody knows who’s is who’s. And then you just give up. You throw in the towel, stop doing a major overhaul, and succumb to the mess. It’s pretty easy to keep things tidy and clean for a while, ....

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  • Checklist for Healthy Aging

    Checklist for Healthy Aging

    The goal of aging gracefully comes down to living your highest quality life, never being limited by your body, and having freedom to do what you want without fears. Seems like a worthy pursuit! It certainly pulls at the heart-strings more than looking good on a beach does. So let’s talk about the top qualities of aging gracefully!!! Listen here or where ever you get your podcasts! ....

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  • Podcast: Finding Your Fitness Spark

    Podcast: Finding Your Fitness Spark

    Whether you are working out currently or haven't been to a gym in years, finding your spark can be a challenge. We can be rolling. Doing the right stuff, and then suddenly, we're bored and falling off the wagon. We also have an amazing way of forgetting that our health actually matters . I've seen clients have amazing success, only to forget why they did the work, convince themselves it doesn't matter, and then stop. Finding your fitness spark is something that will get you off the couch and get started. It's also something you have to keep returning to if you want to maintain your health for years to come! We'll tell you how in today's Podcast... ....

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  • You Can't See It

    You Can't See It

    Yesterday, Abby and I were taping a podcast (you should check it out!) and we were talking about how to spark your enthusiasm for fitness. This took us to a discussion about how we are very good at missing our body’s warning signs. How often do we wait to take action UNTIL thing get so bad that we can no longer ignore them ??? Here’s the dirty little secret. Once you show up with high blood pressure, a jacked up back and 30 lbs of bodyfat…things have been going wrong for many years! We often can’t see the subtle signs. The little keys that something is awry. Do you think you’d even know when ....

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  • Podcast: Stories vs. Phenomenon

    Podcast: Stories vs. Phenomenon

    NEW PODCAST: Stories vs Phenomenon When we speak about our health, we often think we're speaking truths ! "I'm too old to lift weights." "I can't lose weight, my metabolism is crap!" "I have bad knees, so it's not safe to do squats." It turns out, we're not telling black and white truth. We're sharing our interpretations and stories. Naturally, we're always telling stories/interpretations on our life. But when those stories are disempowering, they become a problem. They actually get in the way of healing or taking action. Today, Abby and David discuss Story vs. Phenomenon...how to tell the difference, and how to write stories that serve! CLICK HERE to ....

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  • Podcast: Could You, Would You, When?

    Podcast: Could You, Would You, When?

    We’re back with another Podcast. “Could you, would you, when?” Today we talk about taking leaps of faith. How building physical strength has translated to countless clients making huge changes in their lives far beyond the walls of the gym. https://the39minutepodcast.podbean.com/.../could-you.../ ....

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