Get rid of unwanted fat, cellulite, loose skin and wrinkles with a safe, non invasive treatment method…whats stopping you?

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I work out. Like a lot. I eat really well. Like really well.

And the reality is that I have some areas on my body that I’m not entirely happy with!

It’s the truth!

I feel like after all the work I put in, it would be great to have a belly that looks more toned.

But the realities of having 3 babies and being over 40 means that I just can’t seem to tone my belly like I want.

I won’t consider a tummy tuck! It’s too severe, Too expensive, And too much recovery.

Several months ago I started doing cryoskin treatments for members with trouble spots just like mine!

The results have been awesome. Quick and very effective. Results like these I’m posting in just 1-3 sessions!

Since I began offering this, I’ve been helping men and women just like me.

They’ve worked hard. Added fitness, firmed up, gotten stronger, changed their diet…but still have areas that just don’t change.

For them, that has been a great additional tool to get their body back.

When you’ve put in so much work, you deserve to look your best.

Cryoskin can both firm/tone areas and burn fat deposits in your arms, belly, thighs and other areas.

I’m so excited to have found Cryoskin! And even more excited to be able to offer it at 39 Minute Workout!


How does Cryoskin work? 

Cryoskin works by using very cold temperatures with 2 different techniques: slimming and toning. Both use a wand (that looks like a sonogram machine) and cold temperatures to either freeze away fat (slimming) or the toning technique which increases collagen, tightens skin, and reduces cellulite. 

Whats the down time? How long does a session take?

There is no down time! It is easy and non-invasive so you can do it before or after a workout, on your lunch hour or whenever its convenient for you! Most sessions are 30-45 minutes. 

Does it hurt?

No! While it is cold, it doesn’t hurt! 

How many sessions will I need?

The best way to figure out your course of treatment is to come in for a free consult! Typically, clients see positive results after the first treatment and are happy with their results after 5. 

After 2 slimming and 1 toning session!