It seems that lots of people are down on Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges these days.

It makes sense!  Because after years of shows like the Biggest Loser and the thousands of crazy challenges on the market, many people have become skeptical.

But let me tell you that I’m one trainer who absolutely LOVES them…if you do it right.

We’ve used challenges in my business from the start 8 years ago.

Most of our biggest success stories at least started their transformation in one of our quarterly challenges.

But why do some join them and crush it (and keep it off for years) while others have flash-in-the-pan results?

I’ll tell you why.

But first, it’s important to understand WHAT a successful Challenge is…a Hard Reset.

It’s a chance to give yourself enough focused time (on fitness and/or nutrition) to create some quick changes.

There are some really good reasons why this is important. 

Mostly it has to do with human nature.  We all want a reward for our hard work.  So when you put in tons of effort for 30+ days…you want to know it’s working!

When you use a challenge as a hard reset, you’re giving your body long enough to reign back in your lifestyle and burn some serious fat or build some serious strength.

If you follow a successful challenge, you should see changes in the scale, how your clothes fit or how strong you feel in a matter of weeks.

That emotional reward is really important.

Here are my Top 3 Ways to Make your Next Challenge a Huge Success.


ONE- It should be similar to a diet/workout you’re willing to incorporate for the rest of your life.

This is the one where MOST people fail.

They begin some crazy diet- like no carb ketosis- and literally hate or struggle through every day.  They go all hard-core on a diet they hate and never intend to maintain past the challenge.

So honestly, why bother?  If you begin a plan you hate, long term results are basically not happening.

If you hate your plan and can’t see yourself doing it for years to come, at least a somewhat softer version of it, then it’s doomed to fail.

The right diet/fitness plan should be one that feels authentic to you.

For quick results to spur fat loss or body reshaping you need to put in about 30-90 days of all-out effort.

But I know you can’t maintain that forever.  So after the challenge I urge you to ease up a bit, but keep the core principles day to day.

To really do this, you’ve got to love the plan your on.  You’ve got to love the workout or agree with the diet and enjoy the food you’re allowed to eat.

Pick a program that is in line with your desired lifestyle.


TWO- Start with a Specific Goal (what I call your WHY) and that goal can’t be generic like to “be healthier.”

I sit down with every new client I work with to discuss goals.  More than half the time they tell me their goal is to be healthier.

If I didn’t do my job I could leave it right there….but being healthier has almost no emotional hit for you.  My guess is it feels very generic, not personal and not motivating.

Yesterday I did another Tips from the Truck (found on my Facebook page).  I talked about the goal that actually will emotionally motivate you!

It’s not to be healthier, and it’s not even weight loss.  It’s being more CONFIDENT.

When you say you want to lose weight, get healthier or get stronger, it’s for the sake of your confidence.

You want that goal so you can feel better about yourself.  Better as a mom.  More confident in your romantic relationship.  More empowered in your career. 

That’s really the WHY that most people are looking for.

And if you don’t currently feel your best, most confident and badass self…getting in touch with what that means to you and how you can achieve it is numero uno!

So before your next challenge, get in touch with your why, your big goal, and focus on achieving that feeling in your life.


THREE- Follow a specific plan or system.  Preferably one that actually works (and has proof that it’s worked for people like you).

I can’t tell you how many fitness programs and diets are not built for people of all ages.

If you’re a 52 year old mother of 3, following a program that works for 22 year old college athletes is totally off base.

And when they only show success stories with people that are young or don’t live a similar lifestyle, that system isn’t built with YOU in mind.

So find a plan/workout/system that works (like our Beginners Kettlebell Challenge this Monday- CLICK HERE to Apply).

Do your work to investigate some options until you find one that feels authentic and is built for you.


Time to Find Your Perfect Challenge

  • Make sure the program feels authentic to you. Make sure the changes you’re making are something you’d be willing to incorporate into your everyday life.
  • Make sure you know your why. Before you accept some generic reason like being healthier, take some time to drill down and find what really matters.  Look into the ways that your current state of health is damaging your confidence and see the connection between how fitness and nutrition changes could improve this.
  • Make sure the program is designed for people like you! Before you commit, make sure people of your age group and ability have used the product and had success.  If you only see success stories with 20’somethings, it’s probably not designed with you in mind.

Here’s to making 2018 your Best Year Ever!!!!


Dedicated to your health,

David Beares