Are you clear on what you value most in your life?

At your core, what do you believe are the most important habits for a high-quality life?  In a perfect world, what would you be investing your time, money and passion into every day?

I was helping a client work through her struggles with making it to class yesterday. What became apparent is that while she strongly wants to be consistent with her workouts, but she’s getting pulled by other obligations.

Her battle is balancing between her love of service (to her family and community) and her goal of being strong and vibrant and having the health to enjoy her years of retirement.  I think you can probably relate to this conflict between what you most want and what begs to “get done”, right?

You deeply want to be stronger, leaner, and more energetic but that little thing called TIME likes to creep in and steal away time for what you most value.

So in this client’s case, we had to step back a moment and look at her core values just like you do in business.  Is this something you’ve ever done for yourself?

If you don’t ever put down on paper what you most deeply value (in terms of health, faith, family and career)…you’re leaving your life up to chance.  And when you leave it to chance, you allow STRESS and distraction into your life.

Without core values, you usually respond to all the little “alarm bells.”  Checking email, reacting to what others want from you; basic daily stuff that has to get done, but won’t leave you feeling fulfilled, healthy or content.

These small things and distractions are all things you may need to take time for, but they surely shouldn’t be what you take care of first.  One of my favorite books on values and getting the “right stuff” done is Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy.

His basic premise is one that paints a clear picture!  And although he’s writing about productivity, I also think it applies to you if you have trouble prioritizing your health.

If the first thing you did that day was eat a frog, everything else would be easy.  Yuck, but damn true!

And in case it’s not apparent, the Frog in this story is your Core Values.  The thing YOU say matters most to you.  Taking time to workout.  Taking time to sit and be present with your family.  Getting the most important thing done at work.  Spending time in nature.  Whatever you say is your core value…and that if you got it done, would have the biggest impact on your life.

This was my advice to my client, and this is my advice for you.  You have my permission to tell the other stressors to kiss your ass until you take care of what matters most.  You have my permission to stop reacting to what begs to get done now, and focus on what you most deeply want to get done.

That other stuff will still be there.  There will never be enough hours in the day to get it all done.  But I think in the end, you’ll be a lot more fulfilled and healthy if you do what you value first and put the rest of it in order.

Homework:  NOW, before you go get distracted, I want you to take 10 minutes and do some Free Writing.  Write out everything you are most excited about in your life and what you value most deeply.  When you’re done, turn it into bullet points.  Print that list out and tattoo it on your arm.  I’d do the one you wear a watch on.  No but seriously, put that thing everywhere…and go eat that frog!

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Dedicated to your health,

David Beares