“The Elimination Diet: Remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry. Then watch your health, and life, improve.” Charles F. Glassman

These words really capture the gift of the fall season. This, indeed, is the season for truly eliminating negative habits, people and beliefs from your life that hold you back.

We all know about spring cleaning…but what about fall cleaning?

Spring might be the time to clear out and clean up the house. But fall is the time in 5 element acupuncture to clear out emotions, activities and beliefs that don’t serve your health anymore.

Yes, there is actually a season where taking stock of your life and priorities and cutting what isn’t serving is imperative.

In 5 element acupuncture, each season has a specific strength. Winter is time for deep rest. Storing up potential and giving you the energy for the next year.

Spring is time for action. Time to set a vision and take action on that plan.

Summer is the maturing phase when you deepen your efforts and really get into the project or habit you’re building.

Late summer, or earth phase, is time to reap the benefits. Savor what you’ve accomplished.

Then fall, or Metal phase, is about taking stock and cutting anything that’s not necessary for your health.

I want you to take an inventory right now. Ask yourself these questions…

1- What people in your life are not serving your happiness and health- people who add drama, frustration and stunt your growth?

2- What habits are holding you back? Focus on habits that limit your health. You know exactly what habits you’d love to cut today if you had the power to.

3- What beliefs/mindsets do you have that keep you stuck, unhealthy or unsatisfied?

This is where you start. So what came up for you? Do you have clear thoughts about the people, habits or beliefs that need to be cut?

Are you willing, right now, to take action on these and cut them from your life…or seek tools and support to cut them?

You may not even know HOW to cut them out, especially if it’s an old belief (ie. “I don’t lose weight easily”). But if you identify what you’d like to cut, you can then start seeking people who can support that change.

I want you to RUTHLESSLY cut them from your life. Meaning take serious action, cut it out 100% if possible, and don’t look the other way.

Don’t leave room to hem and haw about it or feel bad that you did it. No time for self-doubt. Just cut it without emotion and be done with it.

It might help to create a list of what you’ll have to give up and what you’ll have to gain if you take this action. It may feel like too much of a sacrifice to give up sweets if you enjoy the taste and reach for them to comfort your stress.

A simple project is to say, “If I cut this food out of my life, here’s what I’ll lose and here’s what I’ll gain.”

This allows you BOTH to see what sacrifice you have to make…and to acknowledge all that you’d gain if you gave up the habit. This tells the brain the actual reward you have to gain instead of focusing on just the act of sacrifice.

When you get in touch with the fact that giving up sweets might mean 10 lbs and a dress size in 3 months, all of a sudden that sacrifice doesn’t seem so bad after all.

So in this fall/metal season, take serious stock of what you are grateful for and what should be eliminated. Take a few minutes to declare what you’re willing to ruthlessly cut from your life. Then reinforce that behavior by assessing what you’ll give up and what you’ll gain. I promise this work will be highly rewarding.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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