You’re being bombarded with messages about fat loss products, workouts, gimmicks and gym memberships. And in virtually every case, the message is the same.

The messages all share one key similarity: They’re a mile wide and an inch deep. “Do this small thing for a few weeks and you’ll forever change your body.”

But frankly, I think our BS meter is pretty high by now. I think you know darn well that real change doesn’t happen in a few weeks. And even if it does, can you actually maintain the results?

Too often, these quick results are a house of cards waiting to fall. One bad week of eating, one emotionally taxing week, and you’re right back to the woman filled with self-doubt. You’re right back to the eating habits and lack of exercise that got you unhealthy in the first place.

If you’re looking for a whole new message around experiencing your absolute best health, you’re looking for a lot more than quick fat loss. You’re looking to get empowered so that you can align with the person you most deeply want to be in this world.

You’re looking to improve your body for the sake of health and confidence…and you know that this work will take some effort, but it’s the most worthy work you can do. You also know that getting there and staying there are two different challenges that require different actions.

My goal is to help you align your body with the woman you most want to be in this world. Now, it’s important to decide which group you fit in:

1- For some of you, you already have a clear definition of who that is. You feel empowered within and know both who you are in the world and what your greatest gifts are. But when you look at your body or your health, your outer form doesn’t match the confident woman you already are…and it’s time to take care of your body.

2- For the rest, your view, vision and confidence are shaky. You might be filled with self-doubt. You might not know your greatest talents, or even feel deeply blocked in expressing your inner beauty and talents with the world.

The cool thing is that all 3 steps I’m going to teach you today will apply to both groups. Whether you’re completely aware of who you are in this world, or filled with fears and doubts, I will help you dramatically reshape your body and your health to empower the absolute best version of you!

My Story

My first memory of health is when my mom was diagnosed with diabetes in the 80’s. It was tough being a young boy and watching her struggle with her weight. It was also tough to see her follow all the food gimmicks and diet craziness around that time.

What was most painful about watching my mom was that she didn’t believe in herself. She fell into the trap most people did at the time and looked for the diet foods for answers. I’m happy to say that now in her late 60’s, she takes part in my kettlebell classes, comes to our workshops and is taking a far different course than she did for all those decades.

Much of my passion is rooted in watching my mom’s struggles. I know that you are still getting all kinds of mixed messages and crazy advice out of the fat loss industry, and it drives me nuts. I also know that if you try to change your body without focusing on your deepest goals and dreams…the end result will be unfulfilling.

I deeply believe that at the core, what you want is a lot deeper than 10 lbs on the scale. You want your confidence back. You want to love your body. And deep down, you want to align your physical body with who you deeply long to be in this world.

What I’m teaching you here in this Ebook is the culmination of over 13 years of studying (since September, 2002), and 10 years of working directly with clients. I started in this world as a licensed acupuncturist. A few years into my practice I found this crazy fitness tool- the kettlebell.

Years later, I’ve led thousands of men and women to take back their health. Since my career began in health and not the fitness world, I believe what I teach is more rooted in quality of life than vanity. It was never my goal to just help people lose fat or fit in skinny jeans (although that’s fun and rewarding when it happens).

What drives me most is to help people like you engineer quick success (fat loss, firming, strength, etc.) and THEN help you build a foundation for lifelong health. I truly believe when you use these 3 techniques you have the potential for dramatic physical change AND deep emotional empowerment.

This Ebook looks like this.

1- Empowered Fitness

2- Empowered Nutrition

3- Empowered Thoughts/Beliefs

This follows every system I’ve created for healing and physical change. Holistic healing needs all three components- Treatment, training and nutrition. (I’ve coined the terms the 3-Pillars of Health)

If what you want is to align your body with the woman you deeply want to be, let’s work at all three levels to create real and lasting change.

True mastery of these three areas will take time, but I’d rather give you the best and simplest techniques that enable you to create deep change. This means you’re declaring that you are done with patch-work solutions. You’re choosing to master your own health.

I use the word, Mastery, because I want you to be in total control of your health. When you choose to own your health, it means you’re taking on the process of becoming a master of your health. You’re declaring that at your core, YOU and only you know the path to optimal health.

If I give you tools that work for real men and women every time and are simple enough to follow for a lifetime, then you have the ability to gain mastery over your body, your nutrition and your thoughts.

I’ll show you the techniques. Then it’s your job to go apply them, find your way with them, tweak and change them until you truly own the tools that will improve your health. That is true empowerment. And that’s what it’s time to do!

Empowered Fitness

If your goal is to be more empowered, let’s start with a question. What would empowered fitness look like?

The Empowered Fitness Blueprint is THE key to getting to your goal as quickly and painlessly as possible by reducing emotional suffering and allowing you to be appreciative of what you have accomplished.

If you follow these principles you will have dramatically changed your body AND you will be grateful during and after the process.

Do you feel like you won’t allow yourself to ever feel satisfied with how your body looks or your weight on the scale? This is how to start changing that (and I acknowledge that it’s not an instant process).

Beyond Weight Loss

Allow yourself to have confidence in your body exactly as it is. Commit to getting beyond the scale and building value in your body regardless of your weight.

You choose to take pride in other aspects like how well you move, how you look in the mirror, and the confidence you project in public and in relationships.

When you work to create this belief, it moves you to a more expansive, stress-free view of your body. It gives you room to take joy in how you look and feel, because the qualities you value can be appreciated in this moment. You don’t have to wait for them.

I’ll touch on HOW to make this happen more in the Empower Your Mind section, but I find that the right mindset is MORE important than anything you do with weights or diet…so it has to come first.

For one of my members, this made all the difference in the world.

She joined my program to lose weight and get stronger. But a year later it was not only her impressive physical changes, it was what happened in her business life.

Chris is a talented photographer who has wanted to create her own business, but confidence has always held her back to taking those steps. There has always been a level of inaction and doubt that stopped her. This past year she launched her business!

She attributes getting physically stronger and more confident as being the piece that drove her to step out of her comfort zone. She truly matches what the essence of empowered fitness is.

Your Body Moves the Way You Want WITHOUT Pain or Weakness

Empowered fitness focuses on getting your body to move the way you want. You are never limited by pain or weakness.

If you move like an athlete, feel as strong as you need to be and have very little to no pain, you will have the energy to live a more empowered life.

The law of 117 to 450

Give your body exactly what it needs in the least amount of time.

This math equation looks like this. Most people are wasting tons of time in the gym doing all the wrong stuff and still not seeing results. If you’re spending 1.5 hours a day for 5 days a week or more, this is flat out too much.

I recommend that you spend no more than 3 days a week of 39 minutes…that’s it. Anything more is icing on the cake. A walk or bike ride with your family. Swimming or another form of cardio you enjoy that helps you keep stress at bay. But you do not and should not need to spend any more than 117 minutes a week (under 2 hours) on your fitness.

Time savings may not seem to fit in terms of empowered fitness, but I disagree. Most women I know do not want to spend a life in the gym. They have kids, jobs and other passions.

One of the biggest reason women avoid starting a workout routine is that they don’t think they have the time. And waiting is really a form of suffering.

So if you’re not working out now, or if you are and it’s taking too much of your life, think about dropping your workouts to a more effective 117 minutes a week! Here’s how…

The Solution- Now that I’ve explained what Empowered Fitness looks like it’s time to teach you HOW to achieve it.

Before I go further, I do want to talk about fat loss.

Talking about fat loss here can feel like a contradiction; like I’m talking out of two sides of my mouth. So let’s clarify.

In my definition, empowered fitness does pertain to burning off unwanted fat IF it helps you become healthier and more confident. There is no secret that having excess body fat is unhealthy, and it’s become an epidemic in our society.

But if the idea or goal of fat loss is a disempowering one- focused on vanity for vanity sake, if it makes you feel less confident or brings up feelings of inadequacy- this is not the context I’m writing for.

So as long as we’re on the same page, fat loss for health and confidence is still a great goal.

The Empowered Fitness Techniques

ONE- Get out of the idea of Time for Results.

This came from the whole calorie theory, and I want you to pretend that you don’t know what the word calorie means. I want you to stop thinking about fat loss as having anything to do with calories.

Fat loss, just like I said in my last point, is about quality, not time. It does not take long to change your body and burn off fat with the right exercises, the right intensity and the right weight.

If you still believe that losing fat comes down to hours of cardio and cutting calories, it’s time to change that. That’s a process fraught with frustration. These next 4 techniques will tell you what the focus should be.

TWO- Anaerobic exercise is key.

Aerobics was popular in the 80’s. To this day, I still hear people say “you’ve got to do cardio to burn fat.” Bogus! This implies that the only exercise to burn fat is to start running or walking more.

Not only will this take hours longer than anaerobic exercise, it also tends to leave you squishy, and it doesn’t help your upper body to firm up and get stronger.

Anaerobic means that you workout at an intensity of maybe 8 or 9 out of 10. When you workout, you work in short burst, usually with weights, at a rate that makes you out of breath in less than a minute.

There are so many boring scientific reasons you should choose anaerobic over aerobic as your primary exercise that I won’t bore you with. But the key reasons are this.

1- Anaerobic burns more fat in a much smaller amount of time

2- Anaerobic firms up muscle and makes it look sexier than long, boring cardio machines

Some examples of anaerobic exercise are kettlebell swings, tabatta workouts, sprinting, intervals with an elliptical, swimming sprint laps, and much more.

THREE- Choose Mobility and Strength over Flexibility.

I know this might sound like blasphemy, but flexibility is not nearly as important as strength and mobility. And here’s why.

Most women are BOTH flexible and weak. That means when you do use your body, your joints take undue brunt of the force. Your muscles are too pliable and weak that they literally don’t do their job.

When you pick up something heavy off the floor, or climb a hill with a backpack, weak and flexible muscles fail.

Have you ever climbed a steep hill and felt yourself having to lean forward for momentum? Or picking up heavy luggage and hurting in your low back. This means that your muscles aren’t strong enough…so your joints are lifting the weight. That is bad news.

Mobility is the real goal. Mobility with Strength is the ultimate combo.

Mobility means that you can hold weight and do full range of motion exercises and STILL handle the weight.

If you can hold a weight in front of you with both hands and squat down to your knees, you have both strength and mobility. You can climb steps with a baby and groceries in your arms and be strong enough to handle it. You can hike a trail without injuring yourself. You can pick up luggage off the floor and protect your joints.

Again, focus on building strength and mobility, not flexibility first.

FOUR- Build better balance no matter what your age.

Balance is something that may not seem important to my younger readers, but it is really the third most important aspect of a fit, lean body. Strong, mobile and able to balance.

We see this as people age. Once muscle is lost and balance is at risk, an aging person is super vulnerable to injury. I don’t know if you’ve watched a loved one go through this stage of life, but keeping your ability to balance is imperative at all ages.

When I teach clients one of the best moves for balance, the 1-legged row, most feel compelled to quickly say “I don’t have balance.” Well, let’s get it back then!

Build a combo of full-body strength, mobility and balance for a truly empowered body.

Some of my favorite exercises to build balance are the 1-legged row, lunges with weight, and anything on a bosu.

FIVE- Firmness is Strength

Are you concerned about how firm your body is? Second most to weight loss, the most common question I get from women is how to firm up.

The answer for firming up is clear- get stronger!

So are you ok with that or does the word strength a hot button for concern?

For some reason most women want to know how to get firmer arms, belly or butt, but then are scared of weights. That trend is changing with younger women, but it’s still around with the generations who grew up when aerobics and light weight were the norm.

Again, firmness and strength are the same two goals. If you want to firm any muscle, you want to train it to get harder/stronger. It’s that simple. And trying to do this with teacup sized weights flat out won’t work.

Look at any women’s fitness magazine and you’ll almost always see a fit woman lifting tiny weights. And I can guarantee this. She did not get that body lifting 5 lb weights. (she might have gotten that body because she’s 25 and they have an airbrush). But the truly fit women you see almost always lift real weights to stay firm unless they simply have exceptional genes.

If you’re scared of weights, I promise you that you would be amazed by the women who workout at 39 Minute Workout. You would walk in, see women from 30-70, and notice the weight they’re using.

There is not one weight under 15 lbs. My 70 year old mother-in-law swings a 35 lb kettlebell. Most of the women press between 15-22lbs. There is simply no need for anything less than this.

These are the building blocks of an Empowered Fitness Blueprint. I know you might have many more questions, so here’s a way you can communicate- If you’re on Facebook, search our private group, Club39, and request to join. There, you’ll have access to me for your personal questions, and you’ll find a great group of fitness enthusiasts too.


Tomorrow you’ll get our next part of the Empowered Fitness Blueprint- Empowered Nutrition.

Just like in Part #1, you’ll hear information that likely challenges your common beliefs around food. Get ready to go beyond diets, calories and willpower to a solution that actually works for years to come.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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