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Busy Men and Women: Want to Try a Proven Way to Improve Your Energy, Heal Nagging Pain, and Slash Your Stress?

You don’t exactly feel your best these days, but you’re not the type who wants a medication for everything that ails you.

Wouldn’t it feel great to actually do something proactive about this? 

Something that didn’t just cover up your symptoms…but made you feel more healthy and confident?

That’s exactly what acupuncture does for our clients.  It can help you too!

14 Years Helping People Like You

We have been offering acupuncture for over 14 years now.

The people we love to work with have the same complaints that you do.

Low energy, sleep problems, extra weight from cravings, a lifestyle of high-stress, and/or chronic pain in their back, neck or knees.

Sadly, most of the “solutions” out there can make you feel worse, not better.  Or they’re just flat-out bad for you.

  • You’re drinking more caffeine to feel awake.

  • You’re drinking more wine every night to “wind down” and take the edge off the stress.

  • You’re running to the doctor too often for this and that little nagging issue.

But overall, no matter what you try, you’re not feeling any more energetic, at ease or healthy.

We help clients recover from:

  • Pain and injury

  • High stress and sleep problems

  • Menstrual and hormonal issues

  • Poor sleep and low energy

  • Weight gain

Finally, Put YOUR Health First

Imagine waking up every day with a feeling that something has changed at a deep level. 

Your life is still the same- as crazy and busy as ever- but you are responding with more energy, confidence and control than before.

You aren’t stressed out, tired and in pain anymore!

You have the same stresses as always, but you aren’t phased by the demands.

You are performing at your highest level.  Thinking with great clarity, and doing the best work you can in ALL your roles…at work, at home, etc.

That’s exactly what our program does for you.

The 3 Pillars of Health: A System that Restores Health and Energy

Over the last 8 years, we’ve put together a program called the 3 Pillars of Health;

Treatment (acupuncture), Training (exercise) and Nutrition.

We developed this system for the needs of men and women just like you.  We’ve worked with thousands of local residents to craft and refine this system.  And it works!

Each of our clients has different needs, desires and goals.

Yet our combination of acupuncture, kettlebell training and nutrition coaching works for all of them.

The system is meant to help you EXACTLY where you need support.  So you can choose which Pillar(s) are most necessary for you.  And we will guide that process with our 14 years of experience.

Tired of Putting off Your Health?

If you are done waiting.  If you’re tired of putting your health off one more day.  All you have to do schedule your first appointment! 


If you have more questions or want to talk to us directly before you book your first session, please call us at 410-935-0967. 


Our clients have this in common: 

1. They deeply want to feel better

2. They have 1-3 symptoms they want support with

3. They're coachable and willing to take action


If you are all three of those, we’d love to meet you and see how we can help.


We’ll be in touch!

Dedicated to your health,

David & Abby Beares

Insurance AND Cash Options

AND, we take Blue Cross insurance (we can help you see what your coverage options are). 


We also offer cash pricing for those who pay out of pocket.  And many of those clients will use their HSA accounts to write-off the medical expense too!


After the first 8 weeks, most clients choose to stay with their treatment every 2-4 weeks as needed to maintain their new-found high level of health and energy.



                                            We’ll see you soon! 

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