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Is Your Constant Quest for Fat Loss Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Going down the endless wormhole of diets, gym memberships and classes geared towards 23 year olds is NOT the answer.

Restore a youthful, confident body using the 39 minute workout system….geared to “real” women and men just like you.

Three Simple Steps to Success

There are three simple steps to the 39 Minute Workout system.

1-      Work smarter, not harder

2-      Learn and Follow the Primitive Nourishment Plan

3-      Support and Accountability—at the pace YOU can handle


In just 39 minutes, you’ll get everything you need.  The best butt lifting, fat burning, tummy tightening workout you’ve ever had.

Build a firm, lifted backside with the kettelbell swing and other complimentary moves.  ALL of our clients rave about the changes they see in their butt in just 30 days.  Firmer, smaller and more lifted.  That’s what I’m talking about!

Where did your belly go?  We’ll help you find it.  It’s there somewhere, but if you’re like most of our clients, it’s hidden.  Weak abs, swelling in your gutt, and a layer of fat ALL make it tough to see those sexy abs.  And it’s even tougher to fit into your sexy, skinny pants.

We will help you fix all that.  A mixture of intense and fun interval cardio to burn fat in the least amount of time.  Then strength work with the “right” weight for you to build lean, sexy muscle…the key to a hot, fat burning metabolism.

We will teach you to work smart, lift safely, lift the right weights, and use the best movements that are PROVEN to build a strong, sexy core, butt and shoulders!

39 Minute Workout Headquarters

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39 Minute Workout Headquarters

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