“Without Challenges there is no Opportunity for Achievement” Ralph Marston

I was talking with a client recently and she shared this quote with me. It made her think of her last two years as she’s been challenging herself to grow physically and emotionally in our program.

Then she said something that felt truly profound. She said, “When do we (50 year old women) get to challenge ourselves physically? If we don’t work out and get pushed to try heavier, faster, more, the answer might be…never.”

Chris is a like many housewives (and I really do hate that term…but I don’t know a better word to use here). She spent years raising her three boys, doing all those mom duties, investing hard core in building successful, healthy and responsible young men.

After a decade of all that work, she looked up and realized that she was not getting what she needed in her life- both in terms of her physical health and her career.

I met Chris about two years ago, and she was not particularly out of shape at the time. She wanted to lose maybe 20 lbs, but you could tell she was capable and strong.

Like so many moms, she just hadn’t truly pushed herself…hadn’t felt the gratification of challenging herself in so many years.

From the outside, it was obvious quickly that Chris was willing to push. She was looking for a challenge. She was a woman who would flourish in her life on many levels once she got back in touch with her body in this new way.

Physical challenge makes us grow. It demands that we focus internally more. It asks that we give more than we are used to on a daily basis.

For Chris, this new physical challenge led to physical empowerment. And from physical empowerment, it spilled over into other parts of her life. In her own words…

“I think that’s the unexpected part that spilled over into all the other parts of my life…getting stronger physically made me feel stronger mentally, almost like it lifted some self-imposed limits, and still ask the same question: If I can do this much, how much more could I do?

Empowerment is a word I use often. There are many definitions and realms this word can pertain to, but physical growth (ie. Through exercise and the satisfaction you feel by accomplishing something powerful with your body) has such a universal impact on your life just like it has for Chris.

When done in a supportive community that builds you up, this physical challenge truly EMPOWERS new and stronger behaviors and beliefs.

For Chris, this showed in her business life. Here, she came to 39 Minute Workout looking to lose body fat. She would tell you that she still needs to get serious and work on nutrition to reach that goal. But oddly enough, she has grown in other ways she values even more.

Chris is a talented photographer who has been sitting with the dream of being an entrepreneur. She has a deep desire to share her art with the world and build a strong, profitable business. She wants the exhilaration of adding to her family financially too.

Over the past year she has come out of a decade shell of sorts. It all started with one kettlebell swing. It reshaped her into a more athletic physique she was proud of.

She started holding herself with more confidence. She stared opening to the possibility that she COULD build her own business. And to this day, she is taking massive action to make that happen.

Chris deeply lives the belief that “without challenge there is no opportunity for achievement.”
Are you longing for the same level of change; to be challenged physically and grow personally? If this is a deep motivation for you, I urge you to start by becoming physically strong/empowered first.

Serious challenge. Challenge that pushes you to give more; expect more; and rise up to your life with more confidence.

Go find the workout that you mesh with and go for it! Create a vision for yourself that involves physical health and empowerment in your personal or business life.

If you have a story of personal challenge and how it molded you into a more empowered wo(man), I’d love to hear it. Please feel free to hop over to our Facebook page and share your thoughts–> https://www.facebook.com/39minuteworkout/?ref=hl

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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