That little thing called INSPIRATION can be a bit of a trap.

There’s no question our life feels more exciting, and we get more done, when we feel inspired.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it just goes bye-bye.

I’ve been at one of those points in my life the last two weeks.  I’m not totally sure why, but I can feel that the inspiration has left me for dead recently.

Maybe it was “coming down” off the high of the swing-a-thon and a few challenges we ran.  Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep.

Who knows?  And honestly, who cares?

The question is how the heck do you pick yourself up and respond when you feel flat and unproductive.

For one, don’t go “find a new girlfriend.“

We all know the friend who breaks up with their girlfriend so he can “find himself.”  Right, find himself dating a new girl that is.

You know that trying to change your outside to fix what’s going wrong on the inside usually doesn’t work unless you’re breaking a bad habit like smoking.

The problem isn’t with your current girlfriend…it’s with YOU!

And unless you have access to a surgery I don’t know about, YOU are going to show up wherever you go.

So changing your surroundings usually isn’t the issue.

The second thing most of us do when we’re flat is look outside ourselves.  Scream at the world and say “alright, I’m bored…give me a reason to feel inspired/confident/attractive!”

And just like the new girlfriend, looking outside ourselves usually isn’t smart.

You’re saying to the world that you’re bored, and please change something so I can finally feel happy about my life.  It just doesn’t work like that.

If you want to feel different, feel more inspired, you’ve got to take some action and FEEL the change before you look for it outside of yourself.

Want to feel more confident about your body.  It’s been proven that it’s more successful to focus on feeling more confident (and doing things that affirm that) before you see the results on the outside.

Choose to love yourself and accept yourself long before that butt of yours looks more firm, or those pounds are melted off, or you’ve got that great new dress that makes you look like MEOOOW.

So how do you take the bull by the horns and feel more inspired???

ONE– Go back to what you know and make it simple.

If we’re talking about fitness here, what are you really good at, or what makes you feel most alive when it comes to fitness?

Is it the feeling of being covered in sweat, and feeling like a true badass from kicking that workouts ass?

Is it being with your friends in your gym and sharing the community?

Is it feeling strong? The accomplishment of getting up from your work desk, driving to the gym, and showing some weights who’s their daddy?

The take home message is this.  Don’t look for the new thing outside of you that will make you happy!  Get back to what you already KNOW about yourself and make it happen.

TWO– Start with little things and snowball them back into an inspiring set of habits.

Maybe you love to cook.  Don’t worry about planning and cooking the next 5 day’s worth and end up overwhelmed…or finding some new complicated fusion recipe that pushes your culinary skills (unless that’s your thing).

Make ONE dinner that you know and love to make.  Then share it with someone you love and enjoy the feeling of having made one damn good meal.

Start small.  Knock off one small success, then another and another until you have momentum.


Action is what makes you feel inspired.

You aren’t going to reap those great results with your gym clothes collecting dust in the drawer.

You aren’t going to fix this problem of feeling flat by thinking your way out of it.

Of course you may need to do some thinking at first to identify what small success you want to create and what one small snowball you want to make first.

But it’s the ACTION that will propel you into feeling more inspired and alive.

And if you need some support around how to take action, listen to this talk I did two weeks back about how to take action with the 5 second rule ==>