If I can be totally honest, every time I’ve worked to improve my nutrition over the last 8 years I’ve gone a bit further and gotten better results.

I didn’t try to change something once, give up, and then beat myself up about my shortcomings.

I learned from the process, tightened up my diet, and took it a bit further each and every time.

Why am I sharing this?

Because if you’re like most people, my guess is that you’ve tried and “failed” to make serious nutrition changes at least 3 times in your life.

You found a diet, maybe your friend roped you into a challenge, and you did your best.  Maybe you even lost some good weight.

But then the months passed and you fell off the wagon.  You went back to the same old habits.  You threw in the towel and agreed, “I’m just not good at losing/keeping weight off.”

Or so you thought!  The reality it, that’s not the truth.

If you know how to view getting healthy with a winning attitude, each time you try a diet is another chance to go deeper.  And today I’m going to teach you a much more healthy approach to your next diet or program you take on.

The secret to amazing results that last is exactly how I continue to get stronger and leaner even at 40…even 8 years after starting the process of getting fit.  Here’s how you can do the same!!!

First, it’s a mindset change.  There is NO failure unless you choose to see it that way.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are better and worse diets out there.

Personally, any diet that’s linked around making two smoothies out of a pouch a day (or more) as your primary nutrition is flawed from the outset.  You might have results, but you didn’t actually learn how to eat.  Go off the plan and you don’t know how to keep up the results.

But assuming you’ve picked a good plan, the first step is to have a mindset that you can’t fail.  That THIS time will be a huge success because you say so.

That you’ll make clear goals, you’ll decide on 2-3 specific changes, and you’ll follow them through as long as the program you’re on.

Start with the right mindset (that it’s a process and you’re here to learn) and you can’t fail.

Second, GO FURTHER than you did the time before.  Once you’ve gone hard on one skill- like giving up sugar for 30 days- that one will be stale in your brain.  So start with that AND add another step.  Expect more from yourself the next time.

The brain likes new things.  So every time you try your diet out, make it new in some way.  And make it a bit more stringent assuming you had success before.

Third, take notes (or mental notes) about what worked and what didn’t work.

I teach people how to find a successful diet by following what I call my 4-Rules of Nutrition (you can learn more in my book Exposed!  The Weight Loss Industry Wants You to be Fat, or any of my programs).

These are simple to follow rules that will create core nutrition habits.  But the HOW of your diet will be highly individual.

We all have different cravings, different cooking abilities, different tolerance to specific foods and different metabolisms.

If I give you a plan, you have to follow it, and then take notes.  This worked really well.  This didn’t work…so I tweaked it like this and had better success.

When I’m creating a nutrition plan for clients, they have the responsibility to try it and then observe.  If you can do this, you can create a nutrition plan that’s highly workable and successful for YOU specifically.

So the next time you follow a diet, do a fitness challenge or buddy up and try to eat better, keep these 3 tools in mind…and commit to having MORE success than you did the last time.

Possible Stages of a good Diet:

  • Purge the No foods from your diet and pantry. Focus on better quality and more fresh foods
  • Learn your Go-To meals (have just 2 options for breakfast and lunch so it stays easy to follow). Variety is much less important than you think! Build simple go-to meals so you don’t have to think.
  • Give up a food(s) that is a little harder to quit (ie. Sugar, wheat or alcohol are good examples)
  • Try something tougher like Intermittent Fasting

Each time you take on a new diet, try going farther like this.  Start by cleaning it up.  Build a repertoire of good food options.  Give up something that takes a little more sacrifice.  Then try something much more challenging that will give you amazing results.

Do this AND keep in mind the 3 tools to help you succeed and you’ll be psyched with your results.