Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning for Kids!

Kids need fitness now more than ever.

Whether your child sits too much and lacks activity, lacks confidence and needs to improve their body awareness, or is serious about sports and wants to improve their athleticism…strength and conditioning is a necessity.

We are now opening our 645 pm classes (and Saturday am) to kids 12 and over.

Our fitness program is geared to kids with different needs.

The rigors of sports take a toll on our kids.  What I see as a trainer is overuse injuries and injuries from weakness/mobility issues.
All sports require strength.  Yet we rarely train it.
In 39 Minute Workout, your child will work on the specific areas they need to be a healthier, stronger athlete.
They will develop strong hips, core and shoulders- the 3 primary areas you need to be good at changing direction, striking a ball, throwing, etc.
* Kids who lack activity or need more confidence:
When we were kids we climbed and played outside a lot more than kids do today.
Now, too many kids are sitting most of the day.  And if they aren’t in organized sports, they may only get an hour of PE and physical movement throughout the week.
This leads to lacking confidence, weight and health issues, body image challenges and more.
I want to help your child improve their fitness, learn love their body, and improve their health.
This can translate into SO MANY areas of their life.
Their grades.  Their confidence in sports.  Their body image.  Their mood.  And more!
39 Minute Workout 
I have been training clients using kettlebells for 10 years now.  Typically we work with adults, but a year ago we opened up our first kids classes, and they loved it!
Now we’re expanding that offering and opening up our 645 pm classes (and Saturday am) to kids 12 and over.
  • Sign them up for a trial (30 days for $49)
  • Bring them to as many classes as they’d like
  • 645 pm and Saturday am classes are open for them
If you have any questions or need to discuss the program with me in person, please feel free to call me @ 410-935-0967

Kids Class Fun!

A Variety of Pricing Options to Fit your Need: 


10 Pack of sessions: $150 (to be used over 60 days)


 Monthly Rate (unlimited sessions, no contract)- $179 per month 


Group rates available for teams! Call David 410-935-0967 for arrangements

Kids classes are at 645pm and Saturday mornings.  

Full Schedule of Classes:

Monday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am (members only), 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Tuesday- 830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Wednesday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am,  445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Thursday- 6am, 830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Friday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am (members only)

Saturday- 730am, 830am, 930am

Yes, I'm ready for the kids class!

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Remember, your child will get all the tools and guidance they need to achieve their strength and conditioning goals!

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