Small Group Personal Training Packages available: 

Maintainer (2x a week)

VIP (Unlimited classes)

*Both packages offered at 6 & 12 month memberships*

As a stand-alone treatment or part of your 39 Minute Workout, acupuncture supports many health goals—heal from pain, calm your cravings, improve sleep, help with bloating or digestive issues, and more.  Many of our active clients couple acupuncture with their workouts for MAX results.

First Session – Full Medical History plus first treatment… 1 1/2 hours

Standard Treatment….1 hour follow up

Acupuncture for 39 Minute Workout Members….

Starter package of 5 treatment……

Starter package of 5 (KB members)……

Nutrition Intake and Evaluation….$175

Nutrition Intake (KB members)….$150

Follow up sessions…$70

Follow up (KB members)….$65


At-Home Pantry Clean Out:$149             Abby will come to your house for a 2 hour session and help you eliminate unhealthy products from your pantry and fridge.  You’ll learn how to read labels, identify ingredients, and then be provided healthier alternatives.

Pantry Clean Out + Shopping Tour: $199     Same as above, plus a one hour trip to the grocery store of your choice.  Abby will help you learn to meal plan and identify staple items. Perfect for someone starting out with a new weight loss or health routine and ready to make a significant change to their diet.


*Our most successful clients START with this program on their first month with 39 Minute Workout*

A program ALL of our new members are encouraged to join.  This program will maximize your body’s ability to START BURNING FAT the healthy way.  A very gentle detox (where you will eat normal food and be full…and no running to the bathroom, I promise), followed by a re-energizing phase.  This program comes with a complete and easy to follow meal plan, three one-on-one coaching meetings, two check-in phone calls, and supplementation for 24 days.  This program will help you build healthy habits and routines.  And that’s the core of a proper fat loss program.  Many of the success stories you’ve seen on this site were started by the 24 Day Challenge.  Even if you are not interested in the 39 Minute Workout, this can be a stand-alone program of nutrition and supplementation to start your quest for fat loss and amazing health and energy!