Back to School Kettlebell Challenge

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Back to school TIME is the perfect TIME to make TIME for your FITNESS and a Kettlebell Challenge!

If you’ve let it slip this summer, it’s time to recommit. If it’s been years, now is the time.

A healthy routine is effortless when you commit the time and let your family know what’s expected.

If you need help in any way- with a new workout, a nutrition plan, or any mental hurdles- were starting a kettlebell challenge for busy moms in just two weeks.

This group kicks off on Monday, September 16th and goes for 30 days.

You get unlimited small group kettlebell classes (I recommend 3x/week) plus a nutrition kick-off talk, accountability and support to make the changes you want.

We specialize in working with women in their 40’s to 60’s.

Our program is designed for the total fitness beginner to the already fit woman who needs to ramp it up.

Most workouts out there are designed for 20 year olds, or are way to easy to be effective.

Our process will help you build lean muscle, firm up your trouble spots, burn fat and boost your energy.

We take ONLY 15 members for this challenge and we always book up!

I will personally teach you the system I’ve developed a over the last 12 years from working in the health and fitness industry. I’ve helped thousands of men and women including:

  • Fitness nuts who love being challenged.
  • Beginners to the fitness world who want to learn the most effective and efficient workout.
  • Women working towards their pre-baby body.
  • Women in their menopausal years.
  • Men who haven’t worked out or played sports in years who want to get their body back.
  • And people over 55 looking to stay strong and lean for a more enjoyable retirement

Yes, I'm ready!


My dad saw me walking across the lawn recently and didn’t know it was me!

It means so much to me to not only look better but feel better than ever before.  I’m off all medications, I’m fit and I feel great!

DIana Ryan, 43

39 Minute Workout Client

He didn’t ask me to change my whole life, waste time counting calories and I wasn’t spending half my time in the gym.  The workouts are fast and fun, and I love the feeling of community.

Jessica Rice, 26

39 Minute Workout Client

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the

Back to School Challenge:


Unlimited small-group kettlebell workouts (and an orientation to teach you the beginner moves)


A kick-off meeting with nutrition support and details on how to use the program


Access to a private Facebook group with live talks and coaching


One FREE 45 minute goal session consult with me directly

Kick off meeting Monday September 16th! If you cant be there in person, no worries, we’ll send the recording!

Monday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Tuesday- 6am,  830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm

Wednesday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Thursday- 6am, 830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Friday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 830am, 930am

Saturday- 730am, 830am, 930am

Remember, you get unlimited small-group kettlebell workouts so you can come to as many classes as you want.

Our Location

Taylor Village Center 8001 Hillsborough Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043

39 Minute Workout Headquarters

8001 Hillsborough Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043, USA

The program is just $47, and we’re capping membership at 30 members.

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