Kettlebells at Home- T39

A 39 Minute Workout program


39 Minute Workout @ Home is an online kettlebell program for people who want to burn fat, firm up and feel stronger!

Let’s be honest, life in a global pandemic has been difficult in more ways than one.

Not only have your work, kid’s school and possibly income been affected–so have your health and fitness!

The long months of feeling isolated have been tough.  You’re missing your friendships and a sense of community.  You’re missing out on having any sense of structure.

I know for me at first, having less to do was a welcome change.  I went from running a business, coaching sports and driving my kids all over the place…to almost nothing.

For most, that fun wore off quickly.  Then came the boredom, the eating and drinking, followed by the total lack of structure and focus.

Now that we’re well into this pandemic, you might be packing on pounds.  Maybe feeling lethargic and unmotivated.  Hating how your body feels.

David doing a private training session with a new member from home

Our “Zoom” only class!

Drew teaching a bodyweight class from the studio!

Abby teaching a live studio class while live streaming for members at home!



All you need is 3 kettlebells, a bosu and a jump rope. I’ll teach you how to purchase your complete home kettlebell gym.


Then, I’ll lead you through an entire Library of How-to videos that teach you the core kettlebell skills in your first 30 days.


Along the way we will be teaching you our T-39 nutrition system AND a progression of kettlebell skills that will constantly keep you burning fat.


As you get better at the skills, you’ll experience some pretty awesome changes:

•Your muscles will firm up all over. Especially in those trouble spots (upper arms, belly and thighs)

•You’ll burn off unwanted body fat (assuming you follow the system)

•You’ll move better and feel more confident in how your body looks, feels and moves

You’ll build these skills at your own pace. You’ll do whatever workout you’re inspired to do for the day.


And you’ll be impressed with your results in just the first 30 days of you’ll get your money back. If you throw yourself into our program, follow our nutrition guidelines for the month, do at least 3 workouts per week and AREN’T impressed with your results, we’ll offer a FULL REFUND of your investment.

Abby and I have been teaching clients these skills since 2010. Literally thousands of clients have gone through our program over the last 8+ years. We have taught everyone from marathoners to those who haven’t worked out in ages from young moms to retirees, from people who have worked out their whole life to those who have never touched a weight. We have learned how to carefully teach and guide all of these people through a safe, and effective training.

We’ve been acupuncturists since 2005 which allows us to have a unique set of knowledge and skills that we have used to build a truly holistic program. Abby also has her masters in Integrative Nutrition which allows us to bring a solid perspective on nutrition.

We’ve used that diverse background to create a fitness, nutrition and wellness system that will help you finally see the changes you’ve wanted.


We specialize in helping men and women from their 30’s to their 60’s.

Clients trying to heal pain, firm up, burn unwanted body fat, and take back control of their health.

Whether you are already very fit and comfortable with kettlebells, or you’ve been totally out of the gym for a decade, we will make this program work for you.

We’ll teach you the exact system that our members have been enjoying- and getting amazing results with- for over a decade now.


From my experience, the most important factor is NOT whether you’re already fit or whether fitness comes easy.

It’s whether or not you’re willing to follow the program, trust my guidance, and enjoy the workouts.

Our clients who love T-39 and get results are ready to get beyond their excuses and fears and get working!

PLUS, as a member of T-39 you have access to our coaching right in our Private Facebook group.

Members are able to post videos of their form with the kettlebell swing (or any move) and get feedback and coaching right there.

Here’s how you take action and get started.

1.  Click any JOIN NOW button on this page to begin (follow every step so you have full access to your account and member area)

2.  Click THIS LINK to purchase your kettlebells (and Bosu and Jump rope if you choose)

3.  Watch the video on the same page about picking the right bells

4.  Log into the members area Bookmark that page, and get working out today!!!


•Full access to the How-to Library with videos on every move, Beginner Skills, Advanced Skills and more

•A growing Library of 39 Minute Workouts (that include strength, cardio and core training)

•Shorter 5, 10 and 20 minute workouts you can do when you have less time

•Bodyweight only workouts that you can do in the office or hotel

•Access to our Private Facebook group (T-39 Online Kettlebell Community)- and you have direct access to Abby and me, plus the support and accountability of the entire community of members from all over the world

•The complete Nutrition program including Nutrition 101, all the tracking and tools that you’ll use to burn all the fat you desire

No more wasted hours, wishing for inspiration…wondering how to get results.

In the next 30 days you will be completely comfortable using the most effective fitness tool on the market.

You’ll be burning fat, firming up, and learning nutrition techniques that work for busy men and women.

I’m ready to partner with you to make this your best year ever. What do you say???

Ready to start your fitness journey? Let’s work together!