My wife, Abby, and I are residents of western Howard County, and run our business in Ellicott City.  We are also parents to three children, Alivia (9), Max (5), and Quinn (22mos.)…YIKES- time to update their ages! Alivia (15), Max (12), Quinn (8)!

We created this business over the past 10 years, and the culmination of that work has come together in a system we call 39 Minute Workout & Wellness.

As parents to three, as well as working in the health field, we are both passionate about all things health.  We’ve both been getting acupuncture since 2001 and have added new forms of exercise and nutrition to our own lives.

Being parents has taught us about the need to take care of our health.  We have never been the type to run to the doctor or entrust our health in a system that is often lacking.  We choose to use western medicine only when sickness arrives or an acute medical condition arises.  But for all other needs, the ones that we face each and every day, we would always seek to heal ourselves through nutrition, exercise and acupuncture.

Those same beliefs Abby and I live by and raise our kids with are what we teach our clients on a daily basis.  At its core, this is an empowering belief and set of tools.  I personally have watched my health get better every few years as I live more and more closely to these natural ways.

We are both excited and driven to share our tools with the world in the treatment room and beyond.  We seek to work with people who may lack the knowledge or clarity, but who are motivated and ready to be healthier.  We will work diligently to empower you along the way.  Are you ready to start your journey???


I have an eclectic set of interests and skills that I developed from my love for the earth, my time spent in the woods (more on that soon), and my passion for helping people simplify health and weight loss.

My greatest goal is to take away the pain and suffering around health. I believes that the health, food and fitness industry have made health far too junked up, dogmatic, and impossible to follow.
I created a system I call the Three Pillars of Health- Treatment, Training and Nutrition.

Following the pillars allows people to heal almost any physical and emotional symptom that people suffer from.  And I deliver my system in a very systematic and simple program.

Much of what impacted me and led to the creation of this system was my time in nature. Out of college, I worked at a wilderness program for incarcerated kids in Georgia. The work was extremely tough but also deeply rewarding.

In April of 2001, I set out on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, and hiked the entire 2,160 mile trail to Maine.The trail tried my patience and persistence, and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life after the birth of my children. You find out who you are and how much you believe in a goal when you’re on the trail.I say that the people who made the entire journey just had a spirit in their eyes and a determination.

In one specific moment on the trail, I remember feeling a distinct calling to help people…that my work in the future would be around health. One year after the trail I started my Master’s in Acupuncture.

Twelve years later, I am the owner and creator of 39 Minute Workout and Wellness.

My path to acupuncture began during my work with HIV+ youth in Baltimore City. I quickly became frustrated at how western medicine could only accomplish so much for my clients when I realized that they were just managing life rather than truly living life. I knew there had to be a better way. Some years later, I turned to acupuncture to not only help with anxiety and headaches, but also because I was at a crossroads in my life and needed some guidance figuring out the next step. It was immediately after started with my own treatment that I realized THIS was the way to help people get the most out of their life. That THIS was the medicine I had to learn.

Shortly after beginning acupuncture school, my life took an unexpected turn and acupuncture helped get me through the darkest time in my life. I credit my treatments to not only getting me through this time, but also for opening me up to seeing my future and giving me the tools actually live.

At some point during my oldest daughters’ first couple of years, I developed a passion for nutrition. This came from 2 distinct places. Through my acupuncture practice, I could see how lifelong nutrition played such an important role, both positively and negatively, in the success or struggles of my clients. I was also hearing my friends talk about the struggles with feeding their kids and could hear the pain these parents had around nutrition. I knew at that point that I needed to learn more about food and nutrition. So some years later, back to school I went.

As I finish up my Masters in Integrative Nutrition, I have such a strong desire to spread my message of food and wellness to my clients and the greater world. I love working with kids, families, and adults to help integrate simple yet important changes in their households. I strongly believe that food and acupuncture are preventive medicine, acute care medicine, and an integral part to living fully!
And I’m so thankful to be in this partnership with David, my children (Alivia, Max and Quinn), and all my clients!

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