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About 39 Minute Workout & Wellness in Ellicott City

We are a family-owned boutique fitness and wellness studio


Meet The Beares: David and Abby, are a husband-and-wife team residing in western Howard County. Together, they founded and run 39 Minute Workout & Wellness in Ellicott City. They’re also parents juggling the adventures of raising three kids: Alivia (19), Max (15), and Quinn (12) – wow, time flies!

Over the past 20+ years, their passion for health and wellness blossomed into their unique offering – 39 Minute Workout & Wellness. Being both parents and working in the field of health and wellness, David and Abby understand firsthand the importance of prioritizing health. They’ve personally embraced functional fitness and acupuncture, along with various other modalities and nutrition practices, to supercharge their own well-being.

Raising their kids has shown them the power of proactive health. They believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and wellness through natural methods like good food, exercise, and acupuncture, seeking Western medicine when necessary.

These core beliefs are the lifeblood of David and Abby’s approach. They translate them into practical tools they share with clients daily. David himself can attest to the incredible impact these natural approaches have had on his own health – it just keeps getting better!

Both David and Abby are excited and driven to share their knowledge and skillset. They’re looking to work with motivated individuals who might be missing a piece of the puzzle – that extra knowledge or clarity – to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey. Their promise? To be your guide and cheerleader every step of the way. 

Are you ready to start your journey?

39 Minute Workout Entrance
39 Minute Workout Interior Space
39 Minute Workout Interior Space
39 Minute Workout Interior Space