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39 Minute Workout is for people READY to feel more strong, lean and energetic (and it’s literally just 39 minutes!)

The prospect of joining another big gym is uninspiring!

The boring, unmotivating routines; the lack of structure and results are FRUSTRATING.

They all add up to one conclusion…the gym isn’t working!!!

Let’s Talk About Results


What you really want is results. You want to burn off unwanted fat, firm up, lose some inches and feel a lot more confident than you do.

You’ve probably been trying to accomplish this for a while.  But if you’re on this page, chances are you’ve been less than excited by your results.

Or you’re able to have success for a short period…but can never maintain your results.

What you need is a SYSTEM that’s been proven to get results for people just like you.

A nutrition program you can actually build into your life (not suffer through for 30 days and then abandon!)

A workout you can get done in under an hour.  One that helps you firm up and burn fat effectively.

One that you can do safely under the training eye of people who have helped thousands of people before.

And the accountability and support to get you there.

39 Minute Workout.  It’s literally this easy. 

All you need to do is check out our huge schedule of classes, pick 2-4 times you’ll commit to, and get working.

Along the way our team will be teaching you our 39 Minute Workout nutrition system AND a progression of kettlebell skills that will constantly keep you burning fat.

As you get better at the skills, you’ll experience some pretty awesome changes:

  • Your muscles will firm up all over.  Especially in those trouble spots (upper arms, belly and thighs)

  • You’ll burn off unwanted body fat

  • You’ll move better and feel more confident in how your body looks, feels and moves

You’ll build these skills at your own pace alongside supportive people who are there to make you feel comfortable with ZERO judgement about what you’re wearing or how fit you are the day you walk in.

Plus, we change the workout every single day, so it never gets boring.

And you’ll be impressed with your results in just the first 30 days.  Most clients report losing inches, up to 2lbs per week and firming up in a matter of weeks.

Who Does Well in 39 Minute Workout?

We specialize in helping men and women from their 30’s to their 60’s.

Clients trying to lose weight, firm up, heal from pain, and take back control of their health.

Whether you are already very fit and comfortable with kettlebells, or you’re completely out of shape, we will make this program work for you.

We’ll teach you the exact system that our members have been enjoying- and getting amazing results with- for over a decade now.

From my experience, the most important factor is NOT whether you’re already fit or whether fitness comes easy.

It’s whether or not you’re willing to follow the program, trust my guidance, and enjoy the workouts.

Our clients who love 39 Minute Workout and get results are ready to get beyond their excuses and fears and get working!

Will You Make the Investment in Yourself?


The question is NOT whether our program works!  You are encouraged to check out our huge page of client success.

I encourage you to read stories from women or men just like you who are getting the results you want.

There’s no question that our program is more of an investment then a big gym.

They open the door, point you on your way, and you’re left to figure it out for yourself.

Or you’re squashed in a huge class with an instructor who is too busy to make sure your form is safe or effective.

We go further to help you get results than any program you’ve ever done before.

So while you will invest more than a big gym, you will also get FAR MORE than you’ve ever gotten before.

So you get the care and support of PT (with 8 years of knowledge and a system that’s proven to work) but at a discounted rate.

Now if you’re already getting results from the gym that’s fine.  But if you’ve been trying year after year and you’re not getting anywhere…maybe it’s time for a step up!

That waste time means wasted money, wasted hours, and wasted years when you could be feeling more confident and looking your absolute best in the next 90 days.

Schedule a Consult

I don’t ask people to join right from the start (unless you know it’s for you and you’re ready to have full access to everything my members get).

That’s why I offer a one time Trial!

What that gets you:


  • Access to any of our 39 Minute Workout classes (check the Schedule tab)

  • A series of videos coaching on Nutrition and Kettlebell form

  • A Kettlebell orientation where you learn the beginner skills you’ll use in class

  • Measurement and tracking so we keep close record of your results

  • One 45 minute Health Consult where we sit down, get clear on your goals, discuss your struggles and create a 90 day plan together

To be honest, I do this because we give you so much support right off the bat.  We’ve been doing this so long, and we only want to work with people ready to take action.

If you join, you’re making a commitment with yourself and us. You’re saying that you’re totally ready to do what it takes to get your body and your confidence back. I promise you will not regret it.  So SIGN UP NOW to get started.  (PLEASE call to reserve your orientation time)

Ready to start your fitness journey? Let’s work together!