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The Top 4 Foods You Should Give Up (or greatly restrict) Today:
People spend a ton of time focusing on how many calories they should have.  Or counting macros/points.   I don't know
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Max’s Story- Nutrition lessons from my 9 year old son
This is a blog about my son, Max, that my wife wrote. It’s a bit long for a post, but
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Do Challenges Really “Work?”
It seems that lots of people are down on Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges these days. It makes sense!  Because
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How to Avoid Burnout, Not Gain a Pound, and Completely Enjoy the Holidays
There is one simple practice I teach my clients at this time every year. Like a proud papa, I love
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Ready, Set, Fit…How to get started this New Years
Finally feeling motivated to get lean and strong. Don't know where to start? I've created a plan with the first
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Does your workout feel “authentic?”
The key question you want to ask yourself before you pick the next diet, workout or coach…Does this feel authentic?
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