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I Couldn’t Possibly Do That

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I Couldn’t Possibly Do That

If I hear one objection to working out with kettlebells, it’s this comment.

"I couldn't POSSIBLY do that!"

Look, I don’t want to dog my members. Many of them are good athletes and very fit people.
But if you walked into my gym but it was actually a department store, you’d see women who look just like you!
Normal women…doing shit you wouldn’t dream of doing. Lifting weights you wouldn’t think was possible.
The only thing that separates them from you is that they took the plunge and trusted us.
They might have had the same thought as the one above. But they trusted that we know our stuff, and they followed the process.
There’s nothing different between you and most of our members.
Tons of them have literally NEVER been gym people.
Many of them would tell you they were very weak before Kettlebells.
Our gym isn’t full of 20 year old guys who grunt and women checking themselves out in the mirror.
Well, most of them at least 🤪
They’re real women with real jobs, and kids and stress.
Slowly, after months of work, they do things you’d think was totally beyond your capabilities.
Because they TRAINED to get there.
Cindy didn’t come in pressing 35 lbs.
And Jenni didn’t show up able to swing 70lbs!
Nobody showed up and felt like they understood all the moves or kept up with every rep in week one.
It’s a process. You start where you start. You get as far as you’re willing to go.
But let me be straight with you. You’re just as capable as every other woman we work with.
So if it matters to you, suspend the doubts and do the work! Join a program that will hold your hand and guide you along the way.
You’ve got this!

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