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Sometimes we sit in pain and don’t know what to do.
For our client Gina, that’s exactly what happened.
She’s a professional photographer (she’s actually taken most of the photos I use in my posts)
With her job, she spends long days carrying around gear. Standing in awkward positions. Doing what she has to do for her job.
She also happens to workout with us! And while our workout is awesome, any exercise can create muscular issues that have to be resolved.
Honestly, I didn’t even know she’d been struggling with her hip/low back.
One day recently she told me it had been going on and off for two years.
It hurt so badly at night that it interrupted her sleep. Getting up, it was always stiff and uncomfortable.
As she moved about her day, it would slowly work it’s way out. But it never went away.
It especially bothered her on long shoots where she has to carry lots of gear. Often being in awkward positions to “get the shot” that added to the tension.
When I told her I could help with acupuncture, she was game! I don’t think she realized that two weeks later…she’d be virtually out of pain.
Literally after her first session she said she had no pain at night and woke up feeling good for the first time in a long time!
I’ll be honest, I don’t ever tell clients they’ll see results this quickly, but it does happen.
Usually we start with 6-8 weeks of once a week treatment. I like to first look for any changes, then hopefully some relief. Then make sure we keep up with treatment long enough that the symptom doesn’t come right back.
It differs for everyone, but this is a pretty normal path to recovery.
For Gina, being able to do a few big wedding shoots without the days of pain afterwards has been amazing.
Of course she’s also saying “why did I wait this long”, but most people don’t realize how quick and effective acupuncture is with common pain like back, neck, knee, headaches, etc.
I’m just happy she’s able to do what she loves without worrying about her hip and back anymore!

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