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I Wonder How Strong She Is

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I Wonder How Strong She Is

How many decades have women been conditioned to think that a toned woman must have gotten that body by starving and doing cardio?
It’s so deeply ingrained in our culture.
Toned woman = Hours of cardio and low calorie dieting
What we know now, after a few decades of much better data, is that it’s the opposite.
Women who look really toned and fit usually got there by focusing on strength and eating good amounts of healthy food.
Deprivation. Starvation. Hours of agonizing workouts.
None of that is what gets women over 40 the results she wants.
Sadly, this mentality was sold as gospel to millions of women and girls.
The stain of that mentality has led to more gimmicky crash-diets and miserable, bone density robbing, muscle burning cardio based workouts that backfire.
Even worse, it’s led women to eating disorders and self-judgment.
And it was all a lie!
If you want to make an impact on the next generation of young girls, teach them to be strong!
Teach them to love food and focus on nourishment.
Teach her to take pride by doing push-ups, kicking ass in sports, and learning to love and use her body in ways that make her proud.
It will take some work to shift the cultural mindset around food and fitness.
But it starts by women being empowered to take the healthy path! Because in the 2020’s…we know the truth.
Eat for fuel and enjoy it.
Lift to be strong.

The best damn version of yourself will come from this combo than any other path.

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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