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The Successful Ones Pivot

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The Successful Ones Pivot

Last week we flew out to see our Freshman at Colorado State for the first time in 2 months!

It's wild raising kids. Seeing them almost every day of their lives. Having them in the house and the dynamic of your family being built around the pod.

Then one day, they leave and become an adult.

I have to say, Colorado was an amazing place to visit, and we were so pleased to see how well Liv is thriving on her own.

You raise your kids to leave one day. But you never really know if you did a good job until it happens.

As amazing as this trip was- with two awesome hikes to the Rockies and then outside Boulder (see the pic below from our hike in the Rockies)- what was more amazing was how much Liv has figured her lifestyle out.

Covid hit my girls hard. Liv was a high school freshman just launching. She was just starting to connect with new friends and try new things.

Then BAM!!! Basically a year and a half of pj's, zoom and no social life.

It really messed her up, and honestly, she didn't seem to thrive until late in senior year.

She had no routines. She wasn't making new friends. And she was really struggling in school.

So when we got to CSU, seeing her fully in her element was so gratifying.

Here she is, this 18 year old young woman who loved to sleep in, now getting up to workout in the gym at 630am, going to all her classes, making friends, making good choices with her diet.

Maybe add in a twisted tea or other drink here and there (gasp!)

But you get the point.

If I pound a few lessons into our member's heads, the lesson of frequency and building habits is top of that list.

Most of our members are busy women with jobs and/or kids...and ALL that those obligations bring them.

And life is not stagnant.

You might figure out when to workout in the Fall, built around work, practice schedules and more.

Then winter comes, and you're thrown for a loop.

I see this even more with the change to summer and then back to the school year.

Now you can do what most people in the world do: Commit to a routine, succeed for a while, face adversity, then quit.

Or you can do what our successful members do: Commit to a routine, hit a snag, pivot, keep going.

It's not to say that you won't have a week or two here and there where it's tough. The transition from August to September seems to be especially tough for folks.

But if you really want to experience the best life has to give....taking care of your physical health is a must, not an add-on.

If my 18 year old college student can switch from being a late sleeper who flies by the seat of her pants, to an early am workout girl who gets all her work done, so can you!

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Always start with the assumption that your workouts are a must. Assume there is time, and get creative about when you can fit it in. This MAY not mean a time you love...and that's ok.

  • Discuss details with your family and partner. Get buy-in from those in your life. Tell your family this is imperative for you (like your kids activities, only more important) and have them take part in the logistics.

  • Find a workout you're actually excited about. If you pick a workout you don't like (let's say running) then it'll be hard to stick with. Abby was just speaking with a new member who said this is the first time she's found a workout she's excited to go to! That makes a huge difference.

I always think these blogs are the most useful when you get active with them.

So why don't you REPLY here and tell me a success story of when you had to pivot to stick with your workout and how you made it happen!  

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