The key question you want to ask yourself before you pick the next diet, workout or coach…Does this feel authentic?

Because if your new program/diet/trainer doesn’t feel like something you could actually enjoy, you can forget about sticking with it.

Part of the issue is that too often we start a program thinking about the short-term goal.

You start that diet because you’re DESPERATE for results.  You want those 10lbs off, and this program came along when you were at your whit’s end.  And even though it sounded horrible, you just had to do something.

But it turns out three weeks later that you don’t like eating 50 grapefruits a week. You don’t love your mouth stinging constantly, and you just want a damn burger.

So was it a bad diet?  Probably!  No, but really it was just not an authentic diet for you.

Chances are, most diets and fitness programs appeal to someone.

That doesn’t mean you have to stick it out just because someone before you loved sweating to their Zumba routine when you can’t keep a beat and hate dancing in a crowd.

So let’s take a real-world example.  January is coming, and maybe you’re like most of America where you arbitrarily NEED to lose weight and get in shape in January more than any other month.

As you’re looking at your options- what workout, what diet, what trainer- I want you to focus on TWO main things before you take it out on your first date.

  • Does this program/trainer have a track record of getting results, and this one is important…for people like YOU!!! Not people 30 years younger with zero kids, but someone at your stage of life.  Because not all diets or workouts are effective for all groups.
  • When you give it a try, because you should absolutely sample it before you go all-in, does it feel authentic.

And how do you tell?

First, you generally like the program and can see yourself following it.

It feels like something you’d like to be doing 6 months from now.

The change you’re after isn’t going to happen in 30 days.  Let’s be realistic.

And too often, people just grin and bear it.  That’s how you get roped into your kids Crossfit class where people are puking in trash cans…and feeling proud about it.

This program/diet/trainer you work with should feel like something you can see yourself still dating six months out.

Because we’re past the high school dating phase and we’re getting serious now.

Second, you feel like the program is clear and easy to follow, and it fits your strengths/weaknesses.

If you’re a detail person, they have some level of tracking or details spelled out.  If you’re a fan of weights, they make you lift some.  If you love grapefruit more than any other food, they only let you eat grapefruit.

I’m picking on grapefruit because I remember this really skinny girl in high school in the 90’s, who absolutely NEVER needed to go on a diet, told me she went on some crazy 30 day grapefruit diet.

With as little as I knew about nutrition at 16, I knew that sounded like a crazy, stupid plan.

But seriously, there are some strange diets out there that someone must love, because they’re still popular.

Anyway, back to feeling authentic.

Third, even if it feels a bit awkward or challenging at first, you feel genuinely excited about taking part in it.

You’ve got to feel excited about it enough in an authentic enough way that it jives with you AND you can see yourself doing it for a long time to come.

Like I said, if you love to really make your heart beat hard and heft weights around, that should be part of your program.

And this goes far beyond the simple product.

Do you love the community?  Do you love the way the trainers talk, teach and act?  When you think about going, do you feel jazzed to go see today’s workout?

It’s all got to fit and feel authentic and exciting if you’re going to stick it out.

That’s how real change happens!

  • Make sure it feels authentic
  • Make sure it plays on your strengths
  • Make sure you feel excited about taking part

Follow this plan, really do some digging and I promise our next program will be a huge success if you put the work in.

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