The New 30 Day Transformation Starts Soon! 

Busy Men & Women:

We have a few spots left in our 30 Day Transformation Challenge for men and women looking to boost metabolism, build strength and torch fat all at once! 

I created 39 Minute Workout for time-conscious folks that want the reshape, firm and burn in the least time possible. 

-No more confusing to follow routines that require the coordination of a professional dancer. No more boring, uninspiring gym workouts! 

-These workouts will guide the beginner AND challenge any seasoned vet to kettlebells. 

**Right now, I’m offering a 30 Day special for just $39. Come train 2-4 days a week, and pick from classes starting from 5am-645pm Monday thru Saturday!

Bob lost over 65 Pounds!

George lost over 25 Pounds!

Amy lost all her baby weight!

Full Schedule of Classes:

Monday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Tuesday- 6am, 830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm

Wednesday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Thursday- 6am, 830am,10am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Friday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am

Saturday- 730am, 830am, 930am

39 Minute Workout Location

Thank you David.  I could not have done it without your help.  My girls are amazed at my pictures! Persistence, Patience and Consistency equals my success.

Sandy Battle

39 Minute Workout Client

After spending an hour and a half in the gym 5 times a week with minimal results, I spent under an hour and a half total in David’s classes and I lost 29 pounds and 3 dress sizes!!

Alyson Ciotola

39 Minute Workout Client

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