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A Cutting-edge Alternative Medicine program thatAttacks The Physical and Emotional Barriers to Fat Loss


  • Have you tried diet and exercise and you Just can’t lose fat?
  • Are you someone who carries a high level of stress
  • Are sleep, energy and cravings all a major struggle?


We’re looking for people who feel extremely fed up with their weight and health…but just can’t seem to get a hold on their stress level.  People who are burning the candle at both ends, asking too much of their body and mind, and seeing negative consequences when they look in the mirror.


My wife, Abby, and I have been treating clients for over 18 years combined, and we run a business called 39 Minute Workout & Wellness.  This program is truly a cutting-edge program meant to attack weight loss from all other angles…when NOTHING else has worked.


There are so many factors that can make fat loss frustrating and nearly impossible.


Pregnancy.  Aging.  Yo-yo dieting.  Poor sleep.  High stress.  Mood swings, and on and on!!!


So when you’ve done the diets and you’ve tried exercise, it’s time to attack your fat loss from another angle.

Acupuncture played a major role in helping me come off medication for depression, find greater confidence, become more comfortable expressing myself, and deepen the relationships in my life over the past four years.  David’s insights and recommendations have helped me discover more about who I am and who I want to be, and he’s become a great friend as well.

Tom McKnight


We’ve created a special program just for you.  This is not a weight loss      program like anything you’ve seen   before.  The point of this program is  to get your life under control.


Our goal for you is not even weight loss at first.  It’s that you start to  finally address your sleep, mood stress level, and hormone system so that you can get the body ready for fat loss.  This is creating the fertile garden so your body will even think about letting go of unwanted fat.


Enter this program with the right mindset.  Keep your mind on the goal of living a higher quality of life.  A life where you feel happier, show the world your confidence, and flat out FEEL healthier and better about yourself.


BUT…we’re also giving you the tools in this 8 week program to sow the seeds of successful fat loss.  And it’s our expectation that you will see very clear physical and emotional improvement over that time.


“How Will Acupuncture Help Fat Loss???”


I’m sure you’re asking this question.  Let me tell you first that acupuncture alone does not make you lose fat.  If it did that you would certainly have heard it on Dr. Oz!!!


But…and it’s a big but…there are so many other factors to losing weight beyond diet and exercise.  And my wife and I have created a system of treatment and support that is powerful at getting to the root cause.


Through treatment, an acupuncturist can help you calm your fight-or-flight system down.  This enables you to restore better sleep and create a more stable and happy mood.  Clients, even people who didn’t come asking to be happier, usually say they are far more content and calm when getting regular treatment.


Through this cutting-edge, yet time-honored treatment, we will help you restore exceptional sleep, a more stable and happy mood, and give you tools to bring down your stress to a place where you can thrive.


Your health depends on your ability to maintain balance.  When you are balanced, everything feels better.  Your mood is better.  Your productivity is better.  And you just feel better about yourself and your health.  We want to help you restore that youthfulness again!


Once you’ve signed up for the program, you’ll get a phone call from Abby or David, and we’ll get you scheduled for your first session.  You are welcome to get started THIS WEEK if you’re ready to go.

We can’t wait to partner with you and help you see MAJOR changes in your health and body!


Dedicated to your health,


Abby and David Beares

Owners- 39 Minute Workout & Wellness


Over the past 3 months the tension in my muscles has relaxed and the chronic bouts of stress and anxiety have diminished.  Acupuncture keeps me balanced and my sleeping has greatly improved.  I rarely experience congestion, and as a result, I have learned to breathe deeply.  I consider acupuncture to be a gift and reminder to be good to myself.

Kathyrn Parks

P.S. When you’ve tried everything and you just can’t lose  bodyfat, look within.  Do you live a life of high stress, poor  sleep and out of control cravings?  This two month  program is specifically designed for you to attack and  eliminate ALL the other causes that make fat loss hard…  when diet and exercise just don’t do the job.  Early Bird  Discount is good until May 15th.  Sign up TODAY.

Here’s exactly HOW you’re going to look and feel your best with 8 Weeks to Fat Loss:

  • 8 private acupuncture sessions- $640 value
  • Two meditation classes to tackle self-sabotage and calm your stress level-$20 value
  • Primitive Nutrition Class- $20 value
  • Private Nutrition Evaluation- $110 value



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