If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m always looking for ways to motivate you!

I’ve given tons of tips around fitness and nutrition.  And some how-to videos that show you what’s possible with a kettlebell and why they’re so effective at helping women build bulk-free strength and burn fat.

But you may still be stuck with inertia…like WHERE DO I GO FIRST???

Because frankly, there are just too many diet and workout options!

It’s kind of like being starving in the middle of a food court.  Way too many options and you just want to eat.

So today, my hope is to help get you rolling.  To point you towards the first steps and get you moving.

Here is the Goal:

1-      Get you Exercising

2-      Get you making better choices with your Nutrition

3-      Get you Emotionally clear on what and why you want this

==> Fitness

The first step is to get you stronger!  I know you probably think cardio is more important, but it’s absolutely not.

If you’ve followed me, you know that women and men who have a good base of strength burn fat far more effectively (ie. Cardio is more effective when you’re strong, and your metabolism is improved)

And I’m talking about full-body strength.  I want you to stop thinking about muscles and start thinking about zones!

Hips- Core- Shoulders

All of your strength training needs to target these 3 areas.  Even better is a move that hits all three.

The Thruster and the kettlebell swing are perfect examples of moves that target ALL the zones.

That means they get practical full-body strength…and this will shave tons of time off your workouts.

Watch the Kettlebell Swing and learn the Top 5 KB Swing Mistakes–> https://youtu.be/0iDuZeXzQIM

The Thruster is simple and all my beginners use it.  Take two press weights and hold them in your hands.  Stand up straight.  Drop into a squat with the weights at your shoulder, squat down as deep as you can, then drive your hips and arms straight up until you’re standing and the bells are locked overhead.

Bam!  You just worked a ton of muscles.

If you have press weights and swing weights, you can start with this today.

10 Minutes– Do as many rounds as possible for this amount of time.  Take only short rests

  • 10-15 swings
  • 5-8 Thrusters
  • 30 Second planks (on your elbow)

==> Nutrition

There’s no question that the first step is to PURGE.  In the beginning, I’m more worried about what junk you’re eating than how you’re eating.

If you have tons of processed food, low-fat food, and sugary snacks in the house you’re doomed.

So today I want you go to the fridge and pantry and PURGE like hell.  Make it a spring cleaning on your kitchen.

If it’s for your kids, find a kids-only area you can’t go.

Then if you want more direction on HOW and WHAT to eat, hop over to our Facebook group BREAKTHROUGH39 and go to the Info/Files section to download my Free eBook- The Empowered Fitness Blueprint where I’ll teach the 4-Rules of Nutrition.

==> Mindset

Step one with mindset is to get emotionally connected with your WHY?!? (And I have a secret that most people miss)

If you want to build a program that lasts, you’ve got to truly understand your big payoff for doing all the hard work.

I want you to take 5 minutes and write down all the reasons WHY you would like to lose weight/ get stronger/ build stronger bones/ etc…

Get emotional with this one.  Go past the surface and get in touch with the deeper reasons you want this payoff.

A few weeks back I did a Tips from the Truck (my video series on Facebook where I deliver my best health and fitness tips)…and I taught an important skill most people miss.

How to fulfill your “emotional goal” right now.

==> CLICK HERE to Watch This Video 

What I find is that most people WAIT to feel more confident UNTIL she loses 20 lbs.  She chooses to feel like crap about herself until that moment.

It’s not good.  Why wait another moment to start feeling the way you deeply want to.

Does this seem right to you?  Wouldn’t you rather start cultivating the feeling of improved confidence (if that’s your goal) right now?

Then take 5 more minutes and write down all the ways you could promote feeling that way now.

Maybe you could invest in some more updated clothes that made you feel attractive or professional.

Maybe you could do a daily writing practice and start writing the story (a practice I teach my clients) where you envision feeling and acting more confidently in your real life.

There are tons of ways you can start to FEEL that emotional payoff long before you reach your goal.  And guess what???  You then become far more magnetic to the change you want!!!

Need Any Help with a Plan?

Do you need help with a plan?  Still confused on how to build the right diet or workout?  Need some accountability?

Abby and I are here to help.  Here’s a great way you can work with us in the Beginner’s ONLY Kettlebell Bootcamp starting in just a few weeks!

==> https://39minuteworkout.com/trial/

Perhaps you’re ready to join us for one of this program.  Perhaps you’re not.

But why let the next month go by “crossing your fingers” and hoping you’ll actually get results at the local box gym.

Even worse, why let another 5 years go by without doing anything to look and feel better?

Dedicated to your health,

David Beares