People spend a ton of time focusing on how many calories they should have.  Or counting macros/points.
I don’t know about you, but I find that counting calories/points to be incredibly boring.  And if you don’t enjoy your diet you’re probably not going to stick with it.
What I coach clients is to put much more focus on Yes and No foods.
Yes foods should be BOTH healthy and good for promoting fat loss.  This is a big problem with the diet crazes…that focus on fat loss for the sake of fat loss, often to the detriment of your health.
So today I’m making you a list of the Top 4 Foods I recommend that you give up or greatly restrict from your diet.
I’m talking like down to a single cheat-day optimally.
Of course everyone is at different stages with their diet, so if you’re just starting out let’s get you following one of them until you succeed.
Then layer on each new food as you find success.
These foods are all the primary “NO” food in our 39 Minute Workout nutrition system.  I know it can seem restrictive at first.
I cannot tell you how many people really take this to heart for a month and then realize how amazing they feel when they give it up.
I love to say when you say no to something, you’re saying yes to something else.
So don’t see it as restricting.  See it as what you’re getting back- fat loss, better energy, less bloating, a better mood (ALL common benefits when you follow this plan)
So here we go: Your Top 4 Foods to Eliminate
1- Low Fat Anything (unless it’s celery…Ha!)  Unless it was made by nature as a low-fat food, don’t eat it.  It’s diet industry crap!
Look, fat became the enemy because of one reason; calories.  A poor theory that we should restrict our fat intake way down because it has more calories.
This is true, but this is NOT the primary or best way to burn fat.  Cutting out these foods, dealing with quantity, and improving your muscle-mass through high intensity, weigh bearing exercise is (CLICK HERE for our Free “Lift Like a Woman” Challenge for a workout plan)
Stop worrying about fat, get it from healthy sources (nuts, avacado, properly raised meat, etc.).
Low-fat food that’s chemically made to strip away fat like in fat free yogurt is just garbage your body can’t process correctly.

2- Wheat- This is one of my TOP 2 places to start (along with the next one).  And for that reason, it’s also one of the toughest ones for people mentally.

The benefits to giving up wheat- and all it’s over-processed options- are far too many to ignore.

I will go as far as saying I believe most people are intolerant to processed wheat.  When people give it up for a month they find–> Fat loss, less bloating and improved energy!

I’d say almost across the board.  Even member of mine who are really skeptical and fight this.  When they finally give it a try, they are always pleasantly surprised.

I have literally never had a client say they regret giving it up.
You do have to learn alternatives to pasta, bread and cereal…but it’s worth it.  Those foods are leading to much of our obesity and gut issues.
If you’re really going for this one, do it for at least 3 weeks before you judge it.  Along with sugar, you will likely have “fake hunger” for a week or two.  Stick it out!
3- Added Sugar-  I doubt that I need to explain why this one is most important.  We have an epidemic in our country, and sugar is at the top of the reason why.
Insulin sensitivity is rampant from our diet of excessive processed carbs and sugars.  And while I do not promote massive carb restrictions, I do believe you should cut back  on added sugar.
This includes all foods where sugar and it’s other names are included.  The real key to going wheat and sugar free is learning to cook real food.  Giving up eating from a box and a can.  Eating real food from the ground and land.
We are NOT built to handle the sheer amount of sugars we ingest on a daily basis.  When your body is constantly dumping out insulin to handle all the sugar, the only way it can handle the volume is to store it as body fat.
Again, it’s  process.  But if your goal is to burn fat and be the healthiest you can be…it’s worth it.
4- Juice- See “added sugar.”  I don’t need to say more about why, because I just explained why we need to limit sugar.
I don’t care if it’s a “healthy juice” or not.  Juice is sugar.  Juice strips away the fiber and pulp of the plant and leaves you with a sugar bomb.
One of your first projects should be to fix breakfast, get out sugar, juice and cereal (and your low-fat milk for God’s sakes) and start eating more protein and veggies.
If you want fruit, eat it the way nature provided.  Eating one orange is a lot different on your body than squeezing 10 into a cup!!!
One Habit at a Time
Remember, take on one habit at a time with food.  Unless you really know what you’re doing and just need a kick int the butt…take your time with this.
It’s ok to just start with added sugar or wheat and work on that “skill” for the next month.  Then as you get more comfortable, add a new food to cut.
I’m also a big fan of cheat days or cheat meals as long as you don’t blow your diet from a bad meal.  That’s for you to judge.