The New 21 Day Transformation Starts Soon! 

Women looking to Boost Metabolism, Build Strength, and Torch Fat all at once…

When I say “total body”, I mean it! We help women firm up, strengthen and feel more confident using a combo of kettlebell training, bodyweight exercises and calisthenics.

These classes are energizing and FAST! Literally 39 minutes- so its perfect for busy women who don’t have time for a gym!

The 21 Day Transformation has all the keys for success:

1. 21 Days of fat burning, metabolism boosting workouts

2. 21 Days of nutrition support including a meal planning guide

3. 21 Days of accountability and support! 

Bob lost over 65 Pounds!

Abby lost all her baby weight!

Amy got down to her college weight and is stronger than ever!

We do it all. We teach our trial members how to reshape their body with kettlebells no matter what their skill, fitness level or age.

We guide them through our nutrition plan- not a deprivation diet- and even give a private nutrition session worth $85 to ensure you’re eating for success.

In a matter of weeks clients report losing inches, pounds of fat, feeling firmer and significantly stronger. There are countless programs out there for 20-somethings. And most of them aren’t appropriate for the women I work with.

We’ve been helping women from their 30’s-60’s get fit and confident WITHOUT crushing their hormones (leaving them exhausted) and creating more trouble than it’s worth.

Our classes are a safe and fun, and they’re always different. Plus the community is totally supportive.

So if you’re ready to make the change…Apply Today!

Full Schedule of Classes:

Monday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Tuesday- 6am, 830am, 10am, 445pm, 545pm

Wednesday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Thursday- 6am, 830am,10am, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm

Friday- 5am, 6am, 645am, 930am

Saturday- 730am, 830am, 930am

39 Minute Workout Location

Thank you David.  I could not have done it without your help.  My girls are amazed at my pictures! Persistence, Patience and Consistency equals my success.

Sandy Battle

39 Minute Workout Client

After spending an hour and a half in the gym 5 times a week with minimal results, I spent under an hour and a half total in David’s classes and I lost 29 pounds and 3 dress sizes!!

Alyson Ciotola

39 Minute Workout Client

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