The Top 4 Foods You Should Give Up (or greatly restrict) Today:

People spend a ton of time focusing on how many calories they should have.  Or counting macros/points.  

I don’t know about you, but I find that counting calories/points to be incredibly boring.  And if you don’t enjoy your diet you’re probably not going to stick with it.  

What I coach clients is to put much more focus on Yes and No foods.  

Yes foods should be BOTH healthy and good for promoting fat loss.  This is a big problem with the diet crazes…that focus on fat loss for the sake of fat loss, often to the detriment of your health.

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Max’s Story- Nutrition lessons from my 9 year old son

This is a blog about my son, Max, that my wife wrote. It’s a bit long for a post, but it’s worth it.

She talks about our son’s struggle with food and how brave he’s been. It’s a story of listening to your body. Learning how to “treat” yourself. And valuing how you feel over caving into what you want.

I hope you enjoy!

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Do Challenges Really “Work?”

It seems that lots of people are down on Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges these days. It makes sense!  Because after years of shows like the Biggest Loser and the thousands of crazy challenges on the market, many people have become skeptical. But let me tell you...

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Does your workout feel “authentic?”

The key question you want to ask yourself before you pick the next diet, workout or coach…Does this feel authentic? Because if your new program/diet/trainer doesn’t feel like something you could actually enjoy, you can forget about sticking with it. Part of the issue...

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Hard Path- Easy Path OR Easy Path- Hard Path

Which one would you like to choose?
Well, when we say things like “I don’t have time to workout,” or “gyms and health food are too expensive,” or “I’m too scared to workout at my age,” you’re accidentally choosing the later.
Let me explain. There’s really two ways to approach your health. To read the rest of this blog–> follow the link

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WATCH OUT for this Common Mistake when you’re using a Food Tracker App!

We had an issue with a client last week where she was using a fitness tracker app to assess her calories. She loaded in her weight and her desired goal, then BAM!!! They generate her calories per day. But There is a huge issue with this, and I’ll explain why you should be careful trusting what any app tells you!

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How to regain INSPIRATION when you feel lost

That little thing called INSPIRATION can be a bit of a trap.

There’s no question our life feels more exciting, and we get more done, when we feel inspired. But let’s be honest, sometimes it just goes bye-bye.

I’ve been at one of those points in my life the last two weeks. I’m not totally sure why, but I can feel that the inspiration has left me for dead recently. For the rest of this blog, and to learn the top 3 tools to reclaim inspiration…read the full blog…

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Insider Secrets- How to Build Your Own Quick but Highly Effective Workout

There’s an art to building an effective workout. If you’ve struggled with feeling unfocused or unproductive in the gym before, this blog is for you!

I thought I’d teach you my Insider Secrets as to how I build the perfect workout for clients…and how YOU can do the same.

I literally follow this same basic structure whether I want to workout for 10 minutes in a hotel room, 39 minutes in our program, or I have an hour to blow at work and just want to have fun. And yes, I do workout “just for fun!” Check out this blog and see discover how you can build the most effective, time-efficient workout.

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Don’t Get “Things” Done…Get the “Right Things” Done

We put a lot of stress on being productive, getting stuff done! And look, there’s nothing wrong with productivity…assuming what you’re getting done is actually in line with what you value most. I want you to take a look at your day so far. Were have your activities helped you create better health, get important things done at work, or connect with and have quality time with loved one? If not, then chances are you are just reacting to distractions and getting busy-work done. In this blog I’ll show you exactly how I helped one client in her quest to identify what mattered most and act on it!

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The Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Make Nutrition Changes…and how to fix it

When I see people struggle to make nutrition changes, it boils down to three primary reasons. And my bet is that you struggle with at least one of them, if not all three. Once you know the challenge you’re actually facing and can boil it down to a clear issue, you can create the right solution. In this video blog I will show you the top 3 reasons people don’t make necessary nutrition changes and how to fix each one.

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The Top 5 Ways to End Belly Bloating

You’re working out, you’ve changed your diet, you’ve done everything you thought you needed to do. But that darn belly bloat is still bugging you! If this is you, you are not alone. Besides wanting to lose fat and firm up, this is the most common concern I hear women...

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The Empowered Fitness Blueprint: Part #2

Part #2: Empowered Nutrition I don’t know about you, but the whole world of nutrition feels like the most frustrating and disempowering part of the health equation. Between the mixed messages, government food pyramid and fad diets it’s completely confusing. To...

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I Used to Hate my “big arms” and boxy frame

Genes are a funny thing. I can identify things about me and my personality and point directly to whom I inherited it from - from my feet to my stubbornness to my build. I was “lucky” enough to inherit my dads figure- great if I had been a football player (except for...

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Eliminate habits and emotions that hold you back

"The Elimination Diet: Remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry. Then watch your health, and life, improve." Charles F. Glassman These words really capture the gift of the fall season. This, indeed, is the season for truly eliminating negative habits,...

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The Good and Bad of the Fitbit Era

Good or bad? Is the Fitbit leading to a more health-conscious generation…or is it just one more cute piece of technology that costs money? The verdict is not out yet as to whether the Fitbit is leading people to be more active in a meaningful way- fat loss, stronger...

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